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Just Sitting Around ((open))

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1 Just Sitting Around ((open)) on Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:03 pm

Lizzie sat down on her favorite bench for her activity. She sat there waiting and waiting for the perfect victim. Finally, after half an hour, Lizzie spotted an old lady who couldn't possibly notice if her purse went missing for a couple of minutes. The old lady sat down on a chair, putting the purse on the back of the chair. Lizzie stood up quickly and started to work out her feet before going to the old lady's chair and grabbing the purse. Lizzie hurried back to her bench to sift through the purse. Nothing good except a few coins, which Lizzie pocketed. She returned the purse to the old lady and went back to her bench for a new victim.

After five hours of doing this, Lizzie looked at what she had collected. Some coins, a seashell, and a baseball. Oh well. Some days this happened. It wasn't possible to track down these people and give back their stuff, so Lizzie decided to try her luck and spend another hour here to see if she could get some good stuff.

An hour later, Lizzie had collected some more junk. A pair of glasses, a paper cup, and a goldfish in a bag. Lizzie gave away the goldfish and returned to her bench. Then, Lizzie spotted a victim that would be hard to rob. She walked up to the kid and slipped her hand in a pocket. Just then, the kid turned around and Lizzie quickly took her hand out of the pocket. "Um, hi," Lizzie said, flustered. "I'm Lizzie."

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2 Re: Just Sitting Around ((open)) on Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:12 pm

Talia decided today would be a great day to get some fresh air the weather was starting to cool,and it was a perfect day to wear jeans.There was also a breeze that felt great on her face.She was so glad fro the cold it meant that winter her favorite season was on the way!

She had The Hunger Games tucked under her arm,her all time favorite book.The park was filled with families,and all kinds of people.The elderly,kids,teens, and everyone seemed so happy.Talia couldn't help but smile.

Suddenly she felt a tug in the pocket of her skinny jeans.She whirled around shocked,"Um, hi," a girl said looking a bit older than Talia "I'm Lizzie.". Talia touched her pockets her phone and her twenty bucks were still there. "Umm hi." Talia said starting to walk away she wasn't really sure what to say.Should she tell the park rangers or what-ever?


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3 Re: Just Sitting Around ((open)) on Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:22 pm

The girl Lizzie had tried to pickpocket started to walk away. Now Lizzie could see that she had a book. Ah well. At least Lizzie knew what to work on now. Teenagers and adults, but not old people. "Hey, wait!" Lizzie called, running after her. Maybe she could try again?

When Lizzie caught up with the girl, who had not shared her name, Lizzie saw that the book was titled The Hunger Games. Hmm, a conversation starter? Lizzie quickly said, "You're reading The Hunger Games? It's a good book." Lizzie's hand slowly started to creep towards the girl's pocket again. Slow enough so that she wouldn't take notice but quick enough to get it done within the minute. Hopefully this would work, because this girl did not seem Lizzie's type.

While waiting for the girl to answer, Lizzie saw that this girl had brown hair and... blue eyes? Lizzie was always bad at this friendship stuff, so she tried, "I really like your hair. Mine's so short, I don't have to comb it in the morning!"

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