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Time to be a hero (Open)

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1 Time to be a hero (Open) on Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:52 pm

School had started again, and while normal kids would be disappointed, Alia was excited. Sky High was a pretty cool school, and the classes were awesome, on top of being a place where she could use her powers without trying to hide it. Sure, Alia had a reputation to live up to, but she was doing just fine with that. Alia was walking in the school yard, since it was lunch time and she had finished early. She usually did, since she needed the extra time to get ready for class. Alia was not a neat person, and her stuff was always all over the place. Alia was struggling to walk right now, since she had her backpack slung over one shoulder, some books in one hand, and a bunch of loose papers in the other.

Her mom would always joke that Alia’s personality fit her power, since her stuff always looked like a tornado had gone through it. Alia gave up on walking, and sat down in a corner of the school yard to figure out where all this stuff had to go. Random doodles went in the backpack, notes went in her binder. Alia messily shuffled some papers before sticking those in the binder as well, and then brushed some hair out of her face. Alia continued sorting, sometimes pausing to examine what she was holding. Most of it was stuff from last year, which Alia hadn’t emptied out, so she resolved to do so when she got back.

She started looking through her binders, leaving some papers out, and a breeze started up, and got stronger, blowing the papers in all directions. Alia frowned, had she caused the wind? She made a fist with her hand, and the winds died down, although the papers were still scattered all around. Alia sighed, and stood up, making her way around to the papers and picking them up. There were a couple other people in the yard, so Alia said to no one in particular, “I could use some help picking these up.” Yeah, being suggestive. Alia continued picking papers up, but went a bit slower.


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2 Re: Time to be a hero (Open) on Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:54 pm

Ally had mixed emotions about being sorted into the hero class. It was a little weird, better classes and all but she was still a freshman. It almost felt like freshman's weren't supposed to be hero's. They were the lowest of low,  And often picked on by seniors. Well, Ally made sure no one talked to her but it was a cliche thing that was often seen in movies and books. 

Pulling her books closer in her arms Ally stepped off the bus making sure to say bye to the bus driver. A happy bus driver meant a better bus ride. Getting of the bus a small wind start to blow, ruffling some of Ally's loose-leaf paper. Hugging not only her books tighter but herself as if trying to make herself feel warmer in her already warm winter getup. It was bad enough feeling cold from within, she didn't need a "cool" breeze to feel refreshed. Just as she was about to enter the even colder school a voice came from behind.

“I could use some help picking these up.” Ally turned around to see another girl with papers scattered all around her. Sighing, Ally decided to help her. Not because she was trying to be nice, she didn't particularly want to go to second period.

"You should really put your papers in a folder." Ally muttered placing her own books down and picking up the girl's. 

((Sorry for shortness Razz))

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3 Re: Time to be a hero (Open) on Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:01 pm

He was just walking around until class started, trying to find something to do. He had his eyes down and that's when he got hit in the face with a piece of paper being blown around by the wind. He reached up and grabbed it and was about to crumple it up when he heard a girl say. "I could use a little help picking these up." He picked a few of the strays up and neatly stacked them. He watched as another girl started to pick up a few papers aswell. He walked up to the pair an held out the few he gathered. "a 3 ringed binder works just as well." He said.

He picked up a few more pieces of paper but didn't say much more. He wasn't too talkative this day. But atleast he didn't mind the interactions. He looked at the two girls, the girl that first helped; he had never seen her before so he figured she must be a freshman. But the other girl, the one who lost all the papers. He recognized her, she was a junior just like him.

(also sorry about the shortness. not alot of muse xD)

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4 Re: Time to be a hero (Open) on Wed Sep 05, 2012 6:56 pm

Alia continued picking up her papers, and sped up a little when she didn't get a noticeable reaction from people. Sure, she wasn't really paying attention, but still. Alia was a little surprised at some of the things she found, since a few didn't have to do with school at all, and were just random notes about other things. They must have gotten mixed in, since on the first day of school Alia had just stuffed a bunch of things in her backpack, since she had already been late.

Slowing down again, Alia was about to give up trying to find all her papers when she heard a voice. Alia turned to face the person who had said it, and found a younger girl, probably a freshman, if she had to guess. Alia wasn't sure who they were, what power they had, or how they had been sorted, but that could be touchy subject for some, especially the sidekicks. "I was doing that," Alia commented, pulling some ruffled folders out of her backpack. Papers were nearly spilling out, so she stuffed it back in, and straigtened, some papers still in hand. She was about to say something, when someone else came up.

She sort of recognized this guy. He was a junior, and they were both heroes, so they were in the same class. Per usual, Alia had never spoken with him, since she was busy getting A's to show her mom. "I have a binder too, and I was in the process of moving them when the wind poofed out of nowhere," Alia said, a bit impatiently, making a hand motion to her binder, still clutching the papers. She rummaged through her backpack until she found said binder, and messily placed the papers inside. After she finished with this, she turned back to the others, who was holding more papers. "I'm Alia," Alia said, mostly for the benefit of the other girl. "Thanks, I'll take those papers back now," she said, a moment later, reaching for the papers the other two held. When the papers were safely in her backpack, Alia decided to take a chance.

"So...hero class is hard, hmm?" Alia knew for sure that the guy was also a hero, but she wasn't sure about the girl, but there was no other way to find out. Unless she had mind reading skills, which Alia did not have, she'd just stick with wind. While waiting, Alia zipped up her backpack, and winced a little at the sound of ripping paper. She ignored it, and put her backpack at her feet.


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5 Re: Time to be a hero (Open) on Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:34 pm

"I was doing that," the girl said to Ally's comment. As Ally and this clumsy girl were picking up papers another guy decided to step in and help as well.

"A 3 ringed binder works just as well." Ally glared over her shoulder to see the other helper. "Tch." she make a sound as if to say who asked you.

"I have a binder too, and I was in the process of moving them when the wind poofed out of nowhere," she said a little impatiently gesturing to her binder and placing the papers she had inside. "I'm Alia," The girl introduced herself. "Ally." she said simply. Ally was glad Alia didn't want to shake her hand or something. It's not like anyone would shake Ally's hand seeing as they'd pull away as soon as they made contact. Cold hands aren't the most welcoming but then again her personality wasnt either. "Thanks, I'll take those papers back now," Not wanting to hold onto the papers any longer anyways Ally handed the stack in her hands to Alia.

"So...hero class is hard, hmm?" Alia asked as Ally quickly bent down to pick up her own belongings. How did Alia know she was in the Hero's class? Maybe she was talking to the guy? Her power was reading minds? Ally just gave a small shake of her head. "It's nothing different from a regular class." she answered with a somewhat annoyed tone. Sure, it wasn't your regular science class, so it was a little challenging seeing as Ally had never been preped for hero work, maybe she had a hard time paying attention in class seeing as she didn't share her father's enthusiasum to use her "gift" to help others! Ally felt more angry the more she thought about it. Ally hoped the bell would ring soon to have an excuse to leave but it wouldn't make sense seeing as she could leave at any time. Secretly, Ally almost wanted to stay seeing if anything interesting would happen. Most people couldn't stand her cold personality and often just walked away, maybe it would be different this time...

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6 Re: Time to be a hero (Open) on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:21 pm

He stood there holding the papers when he noticed the freshman look over at him and glare at him then made a sound of basically disapproval. He just glared back, never breaking eye contact with her until she looked away. He wouldn't take crap from anyone, especially a freshman. He had no idea what she was capable of, but he had more years of practice with his powers. If she tried anything he would put her in her place. He mumbled under his breath "stupid Freshman" Not loud enough for anyone to hear but loud enough to let them know he said something. He didn't care if they paid him any attention or not.

When Alia took her papers, and told him she also had a binder. He gave a nod to Alia. When she told him her name he gave it a few seconds waiting for the other girl to answer first. When she did, he didn't give his name. But when she brought up the subject of hero class he just shrugged. "It's alright." He said. He had nothing to say to them. They had nothing in common with him besides being hero's, if that's what you wanted to call them. He didn't leave but he didn't say much either. He found it easier to stand around being quiet with a few girls then with a few guys. Guy always tried to show off or intimidate the other guys. Girls, on the other hand, were alot more calm. He would wait until he was no longer wanted here. He would try to contribute to their conversation but only if it was neccessary.

(I kept it pg xD I could have been pg13 but I wasn't sure if it was ok)

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7 Re: Time to be a hero (Open) on Mon Sep 17, 2012 11:24 pm

Talk about unfriendly. When the younger girl introduced herself as Ally, Alia gave a nod. They had similar names, although Alia’s name was a bit unique. Realizing she needed to stay in the conversation, Alia focused back on the girl, and gave a smile. “It’s nice to meet you,” she said neutrally, losing the smile, but keeping what she hoped was a warm tone. She gave a small shrug when Ally blew off Alia’s comment about hero class. For a freshman, Ally was awfully cheeky, and that could get her in trouble, especially with upper classmen. Especially with heroes.

Deciding that she shouldn’t let Ally’s comment slide, Alia focused on the girl. “Be nice,” she said sharply. Maybe she didn’t need to be so rude, but Alia knew that part of the system was that seniors and juniors were, well, more senior than freshmen and should be treated as such. Alia had to establish that the girl couldn’t be so rude to people more powerful and older than her. Considering that some juniors would do worse, Alia didn’t think it was that bad, her reaction, but still, she’d made her point. With that all said and done, Alia softened up again, but decided she wouldn’t apologize. Why should she?

She was pretty sure that this guy’s name was Jason, since she’d seen him since freshman year and ought to know. He wasn’t doing much to help the conversation, so Alia took matters into her own hands. Since Ally seemed to respond more to negative comments than the positive ones, Alia decided to give her that. “Classes are okay, but history is just so boring,” she said, running a hand through her hair. It was true. Alia liked power class and such better, since she got to actually use her power. History was useful, she supposed, but that didn’t mean it was fun. “What’s your power?” she asked Ally, now a bit curious. Being a hero meant having a cool power, so sue Alia for being curious. While she waited, Alia bent down, and tried and failed to make her backpack a tiny bit neater.


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8 Re: Time to be a hero (Open) on Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:22 am

“It’s nice to meet you,” Alia said to her neutrally. Ally almost let a snicker escape from her lips. Most people would never even associate the word nice and Ally together. “Be nice,” she added, snapping the statement at her. Ally raised an eyebrow. Maybe her cocky 8th grade mindset was still lingering but Ally wasn't going to 'be nice' when these people had hardly given her anything to respect.  She replied by knitting her eyebrows together as if to say whatever. Ally sneezed before crossing her arms to try to warm herself.

“Classes are okay, but history is just so boring,” Well at least that was one thing they could agree on. Core classes were never in Ally's interests. Electives were the classes Ally wanted to take. Besides gym. She hated wearing the gym shorts.

“What’s your power?” Alia asked Ally. It really wasn't obvious? Ally had been told her personality was icy and these people had obviously started to feel the effects of it. Maybe it was too hard to put two and two together. "I can freeze things." She replied barely giving a shadow of a smile. To add to the effect Ally made the air around them drop some to the point where the two would get a chill. Whatever their powers were they were bound to share them with her anyway. Ally had a habit of getting under people's skin.

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9 Re: Time to be a hero (Open) on Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:38 pm

He had to let out a small laugh when Alia got sharp with the freshman, it was too funny to hold in. He looked at her and gave her a smile. She was putting the freshman in her place, she deserved an approving smile. Jason didn’t really like to smile, it bothered him because then people would probably expect him to smile even more. He would only smile if someone did something he found right. But Ally still acted like she was better than everyone by making a face. He stood straighter than he was earlier and crossed his arms. Oh did he want to knock that look right off her face, but he held back the urge, that’s why he crossed his arms, he didn’t want to swing at the girl. She was asking for a trouble and if she kept it up, she was going to get it.

He let her slide, for now. When Alia asked Ally what her powers were he was surprised when she said she could she could freeze things. He gave a nod of alittle respect. It wasn’t often when he met someone that could do something with water. Even if it was just freeze it. But he guessed she could freeze other things too but he wasn’t sure what the extents of her powers were. He didn’t even have to ask what she could freeze because right after, the air got colder. He let out a breath and watched the fog flow out of his mouth. He was tempted to pull it all together and form a small ball of water, after all that’s all the fog was, water. He just watched it fade away. He decided to comment on one thing. “History might be boring, but it’s better to learn from it the first time so you don’t repeat the same thing and learn things the hard way.” He said keeping his head down, staring at the ground in between them. His voice was monotone, showing no emotion in it.

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10 Re: Time to be a hero (Open) on Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:56 pm

Well, this was not how Alia expected the conversation to turn out. She had expected, maybe wanted, a lighter type conversation, just some chit chat, then heading to her next class. She should have known that wouldn’t happen. When Ally said she could freeze things, Alia could feel the air temperature drop, and could only assume Ally had decided to give a demonstration. Fine, Alia could do that. Ally might have a cold, or she just didn’t like it, which was just fine with Alia.

Before deciding to teach the freshman her place, Alia glanced over at Jason, to see what he would do. He had given a laugh when Alia snapped, but didn’t say anything, until he decided to comment about history. Since Jason hadn’t taken action with Ally, and Alia was getting very annoyed at the younger girl, she decided to give a little demonstration of her own, and maybe make the girl somewhat uncomfortable. She was sneezing too much for a regular cold.

Alia went to cross her arms, but made a sweeping motion with her arms as she did so. Hopefully, it looked casual enough to pass off as just crossing her arms, but then again, maybe not. The cold, which had been settling, blew away from Alia, and she could feel heat return to her arms. Whoever said that you couldn’t blow your troubles away? Instead of just sending the cold wherever, Alia made it settle back to Ally. The girl would realize soon enough, she was sure. “Now, let’s try this again,” Alia suggested, uncrossing her arms. “You can try and send the cold away, but until I remove the wind, it won’t go anywhere,” she continued. Maybe she was being mean right now. Alia was usually nice, but if someone got her mad or annoyed, well…not so nice. “So, let’s pretend you just asked me how I am today. I’m fine. How about you?”

((>.< Shortness…))


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