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It's the fear ((Open to one male, PG13))

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1 It's the fear ((Open to one male, PG13)) on Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:33 am

Locked in, boxed in, full of fear,
My panic grows manic 'till I can't hear.
I need of relieve, so I can breathe,
Remove my fear, Please make it leave.

Isabelle had woken with a scream and fled her house instantly. She could tell, the bricks were twice as hot as usual and the flames licked her skin as she ran to her father and dragged him outside. Their mother hadn't saved them. No, she'd been left in the cold in so many ways that it felt like home by now. Isabelle had ran to the woods, the safety of the trees. She lived on the edge of the city in a damaged and half burned house, close to the forests. If ever she found herself trapped in the flames. Unlike what people thought, her ability to pass through solid objects did not make her invincable at all. She could feel every single material that passed through her, along with their temperature. Cold and hot didn't bother her too much. Freezing cold and burning heat were just as effective on Isabelle as they were on nearly any other person.

Isabelle, in her panic, hadn't taken any coat or anything with her and the night wasn't a warm one. Rubbing her arms Isabelle sat down next to a small stream of water. She could just imagine how cold it was. Shivering, Isabelle hugged her arms and tried to warm up a little. She was crying and the tears were chilly on her face. Yet she didn't turn back and she didn't go home. She was aware she could get undercooled and everything but Isabelle was scared of her own home. She couldn't stand those burn marks or the shards of glass in the yard. The desolate and defeated look the house had drove Isabelle away. So she stayed in the woods, in her pyjama. She sat and did nothing but attempts to calm down. When she looked at her hands, they'd started to turn blue which made her realise she wasn't being smart.

Yet Isabelle didn't stand up and started moving. She started crying and shivered. Her body moving from the shivering cold and the tears, Isabelle rested her head on her arms and tried to lock out the fear. She didn't hear the approaching footsteps or noticed the approaching person in any other way. When a twig snapped her head shot up and she looked straight into the eyes of the guy that had snuck up on her. The fear hadn't faded from her eyes but it was obvious she'd been startled. She stared in silence and waited for the guy to do or say anything at all. She could always disappear...


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2 Re: It's the fear ((Open to one male, PG13)) on Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:05 pm

(It says open, I'm taking to open spot xD)

It had been a long night for him. Nightmare after nightmare had haunted his dreams for the past few years so he hadn’t been getting much sleep. Sometimes there were there, while other times it was pure blackness. This one was bad though. It seemed almost real. So many people dead, those he knew, those he didn’t, just everyone, torn apart by some creature. He woke up in a cold sweat. He knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep for the rest of the night so he went off to distract himself.

He had on his black hoodie but he stayed in his Pajamas which consisted of gym shorts and a wife beater. He didn’t even have his backpack with him or his trusty bottle of water. He didn’t care he just needed to get out. He went to the only place where he could be left alone; the woods. He had no idea where he was going, he was walking to just escape. That was until he heard the sound of a nearby stream. He closed his eyes and listened carefully; was there someone crying?

He carefully walked up to the person. It was obviously a girl, but he couldn’t see her face, it was too dark to see properly and her head was down. He was trying to be silent, yet at the same time not trying to startle her. He wasn’t watching where he stepped and ended up snapping a twig under his foot "Shit." He muttered to himself. He looked down then at the girl and he was staring into the eyes of Isabelle. He could see the fear in her eyes but he knew it wasn’t from him. He saw that she was a mess; she was shivering and turning blue from the cold. He removed his hoodie and wrapped it around her shoulders. “Here, you’re body temperature is dropping too low. If you stay like this you’re going to catch hypothermia.” He said some compassion behind his voice. He knew what it was like to be afraid, to be left alone. It wasn’t pretty. He sat down beside her and stayed silent. He couldn’t say anything to help, he didn’t even know what was wrong so he kept his mouth shut just breathing slowly. He would wait until she said something.

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