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Meeting My Fellow Classmates(Open!!!)

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1 Meeting My Fellow Classmates(Open!!!) on Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:45 pm

It was one of those days,when you wake up exhausted,no matter how much sleep you got.And when your that tired,you just wish you could go to school in Pajamas?Talia Collins was having one of those days,her eyes were slightly black underneath.

So had tried to make an attempt to look cute,but gave up after a few minutes.So she had chose an very simple outfit and since she couldn't wear her P.J.s so she settled for the next best thing.

She had gotten in early to first period.She was resting her head in her warm arms,her yes felt dry.She was the first one there and the teacher was off somewhere.Her books were in her book bag on the floor.She sighed wanting nothing more than to go to sleep,she closed her eyes and kinda hoped she would fall asleep for a minute or two.

Her high sloppy bun,felt heavy so that made it a bit harder,but still very easy.She was so exhausted that she didn't hear footsteps.

((Sorry for the extreme suckiness))


Thank you Thomas for my awesome graphic! Wink
Talia speaks in:cyan She thinks in:indigo And other people speak in:blue
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