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First Bus Ride in the New School Year ((OPEN!))

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Rubbing his eyes, Bryan glanced at his watch once more. He had to be early on the bus stop, because otherwise, he might doze off again. Working as a newspaper boy for two housings that was not near each other was a hard work. The early morning, endless cups of coffee to stay awake after that, trying not to forget his home-works and assignments as well... Living a double life-both as a student and as a worker-can be very hard. But with what Bryan learn in his school right now: he knew that he would have a triple life soon enough.

When Bryan suddenly heard the screeching sound from tires, he quickly rubbed his eyes. Sure, Bryan might look like a sick kid since he didn't get any sleep lately, but now he wanted to be 'normal' for a chance. It's a new school year after all. For two years studying in Sky High, Bryan didn't get many friends. And it was partly his fault. Back then, Bryan was so concentrated at his work-related issues, that he was not even bother for socializing with his own class. If the bus had arrived, he would just dressed himself with a grubby jeans, shirt, and a faded jacket. He won't comb his hair, and to avoid any contact, Bryan would use his abilities to convince everyone that he was not exist. That is, until they finish the rocket bus-ride and arrived at that school. Then Bryan would magically reappeared, almost giving whoever sitting beside him a heart attack.

But now it was different. Bryan Loski was in his junior year now. In a short amount of time, he would pass by to senior, and eventually: graduation. When he was sorted to the hero class, he was not surprised. His own sister was from that class, after all. But that's also means the burden had doubled. Sooner or later, Bryan had to socialize to find his allies or better yet, a sidekick if he wanted to go down this path of life: as a superhero. Even hearing that word in his head made Bryan felt chills in his spine. After a few short breath, the teenage boy quickly run his fingers through his hair once again, and climbed into the bus. Practically ignoring the annoyed driver at front.

It wasn't full yet, but there were already some students inside, minding their own business: chatting about the latest gossip, hearing their iPods, or just stare outside the window with a blank face. As for the last one, Bryan knew how they feel. He usually do that as well when he wanted to be invisible. But not today. He quickly paced himself, and after a few words on encouragements in his head, Bryan sat beside someone he didn't knew yet. He was not brave enough to look at his/her face; the boy was just clearing his throat instead, to start the conversation. "Hey there." Bryan twisted his own fingers to calm his nerves. Yes, he can manipulated the nerves on everybody else, but sadly he can't control his own. "I think it's the first time I've seen you here. I'm... Bryan." He was reluctant to gave his last name, since the last Loski was pretty famous in Sky High. "Pretty nice sun outside for the first day of school, huh?" Bryan realized that his sentence was lame, but he hoped that whoever listening could forgive him. It's been awhile since he started a conversation.


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Jason sat there waiting. He took a look at his phone to see the time and saw that he had a few more minutes before the bus came. He looked at the grass and started to pull the water out of it. He watched as it shrivled up then he decided to put the water back in. It instantly unshrivled and looked excatly the same as before. He wondered who was going to be there and what new powers he was going to see when the bus arrived in front of him.
He decided to take one of the empty seats which was behind these two kids. He over heard the one talking say his name. Bryan. He looked to be about the same age as himself so he thought he must be a junior or senior. He put one of his headphones in and started listening to music. He didn't want to feel like he was intruding in on the conversation so he kept out of it. It was better to wait and let someone talk to him first than starting one randomly.
He had a feeling that this year was going to go by fast but yet slow at the same time. He opened his backpack and looked inside. a couple of notebooks, a few pens and pencils and his laptop. everything he would need.

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((I call next spot please! :3))

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Ally always hated how people made a big deal out of the first day of school. When you really thought about it, it was was just like any other day during the year. To Ally, first impressions didn't mean anything to her. Heck, the less people she had talking to her the better. That's why she chose the back of the bus to sit, legs crossed and arms folded, teal-blue backpack in the extra room next to her and on her face sat an icy scowl that she usually wore but worse peering into the isle as if saying, 'sit here and try me'.

Ally was starting the school year at Sky High and even though she had never been she practically knew everything about the school since her dad would not shut up about it. Ally just didn't understand why her parents didn't let her attend a regular high school. It made her feel like a freak having to go to a school in the sky. It made her feel like a freak to have 'super powers' that made you cough and sneeze 24/7. There was no changing her dad's mind, it was like his dream to have his daughter go in secession of him. So here she was on the back of the bus going to a school for a bunch of freaks. 

The bus ride started out as a regular ride. Kids were on their phones and iPods,  talking about the summer, gossiping about the already latest drama. The more she climbed to the back of the bus the more strange things started to happen. Kids had started showing of their powers-especially what seemed to be the freshmen- but after she passed the middle section she was home free. Not wasting a second she slid into the very last seat.

A couple minutes or so and they were already to the next bus stop. Her biggest mistake was not placing her backpack next to her like normal for another person sat down next to her.

"Hey there." the person next to her said. Almost shocked at the fact someone would sit next to her after sitting alone by herself all through middle school. "I think it's the first time I've seen you here. I'm... Bryan."

Ally gave a cold snicker. She was a freshman, of course he hadn't seen her before.

"Ally." she introduced herself curtly only to be polite. Bryan may not have known who she was but at least he was trying. Though, Ally but couldn't help wish for him to go away. Sneezing, she started to make the air drop around them.

"Pretty nice sun outside for the first day of school, huh?" Bryan asked trying to start a conversation. Ally grunted in response and started to shift as if annoyed with this guy. Just because she was new didn't have any effect on her body language, it was obvious Ally didn't want him here. Or it seemed obvious to her anyways.

"Look, I could care less about the sun right now, I could care less about the first day of school," she started to snap at him loosing her patience. "If you want to sit here can you at least be quite?" Ally finished with a high pitched sneeze. 

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Thomas was sitting on the bus, minding his own business. He was just sitting there on the bus, not really knowing what to do here as he listened to his mp3 player playing Vegan Black Metal Chef’s Ultimate Cheater Methods to quality vegetarian Indian cooking. He was head-banging to the music that was playing, air-guitaring the riffs. He could actually play them, but seeing as his powers would strike everyone’s eardrums out if he so much as touched a string, he stuck with air-guitaring, and his guitar sat in the seat next to him, unused, untouched. Thomas decided at the end to stop air guitaring and to try to socialize with the people around him. He never was that good at making friends, what with being as much of a social outcast as he was. So, he put up his headphones, and started to pay attention to what was going on around him as the bus flew to the school.

Thomas looked, and saw a young redheaded girl his age sitting next to him. Ok, he thought. She is obviously new here… He looked at her, taking in her eyes, colored blue and green like a dark ocean. Her clothes were dark toned. She was wearing black skinny jeans, a blue hard rock Orlando t-shirt, with a black leather jacket over it. Her hair was rather fiery in appearance, a rich ginger with blonde accents mingled into her hair. Oddly enough, there were slits on the jacket, as well as the back of her shirt. why was beyond Thomas, but it seemede to fit her somehow. Thomas found himself checking her out, and turned away. Eventually, however, he found his eyes turned back to hers, and were looking at her face. What’s more, her face had turned, and was looking back at him. Thomas raised a hand a little bit shyly. “Hi.” Thomas figured he was suddenly dressed weird. He was wearing denim cutoff shorts, a tie dye t-shirt, with a fishing vest on, and a purple drink cozy that had “Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Tulsa” on it. He never been there, but he was wearing the cozy on his wrist that he got when Hard Rock went to a Job fair. He never cared how he looked before, what with his longish hair and all, but suddenly… he cared.

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Isabelle waited for the bus, impatiently one might add. She was tapping her foot on the pavement, listening to music and glaring at the very empty road. Isabelle hated waiting for the bus and she had this little habit of waiting for the bus a few stops from her own house. She woke fifteen minutes earlier just to walk to another bus stop than the one right in front of her house. The problem was that her house still had burn marks, as her father had just enough money for basic repairs and by far not enough to move to another house and her mother, well she was no use at all. Muttering about her mom she watched in relief as the school bus finally turned the corner and approached. She sighed in relief and stepped in as soon as the doors opened and quickly scanned for a seat. She noticed a few juniors she was in class with. Jason and Bryan. The illusion guy and the water dude. She nodded at them. "Jason, Bryan." She said and took a seat by the window near them and sighed. It was the first day of school again. This busride would happen every single day and Isabelle was feeling like sulking at that moment.

Now, she pretended everything was fine at school but she couldn't deny reality back home. She knew her playing pranks only made things harder on her father but it was the only way for Isabelle to forget the unpleasant things back home. Such as the half-burnt house, her father struggling to keep enough money to get around while trying to move away from her mother's reputation. It was hard for Isabelle and so she sat down, half hoping nobody would talk to her, but then again, nobody ever did so there wasn't much to worry about. Already starting to feel a little down, Isabelle suddenly noted she'd been sinking into her seat. Getting herself back together, she sat up on the chair again, rather than in it. She honestly needed to learn to control herself so she wouldn't fall out of the bus half way through.

That thought instantly perked Isabelle up, she had an idea. She was planning to give this bunch of goodies a right shock, but that could wait a bit. It needed a little planning to avoid certain death. She stuck her foot into the bottom, trying to feel around for some pipes or something to grab after passing through the bottom of the bus. She could feel a perfect pipe she could hold on to and a wicked grin appeared on her face. She had a plan to make this first day of school by far more exciting. She patiently waited for the bus to take off, pick the last passengers up and when it would take flight, it was time for her to pull that little stunt. She'd done it once or twice before but she wasn't too sure if people remembered. She was usually just the girl that pulled the pranks, gave people a good laugh and disappeared for a while. Just wait a little longer, just that little bit and it would be time again. Time to start the schoolyear off with a bang and several screams.

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“Okay… I’m off to school….” Phoenix said, grabbing a notepad that had a pen in its binder. She had no books or anything so she had no need for a bag yet.
“Okay… try not to slip up. You have a year there to do everything we need. Just try and fit in for today and then we can start gathering everything else soon.” The voice of the lab worker who was posing as her part of her family drifted through to the front door where Phoenix paused in the act of leaving.
“I won’t… well, I’ll try not to at least… I still don’t get why I just can’t fly to the school…” The last part was an added on mutter, complete with a scowl but they still heard it.
“Because you need to try and fit in… and fitting in means getting on the bus with everyone else.”
Phoenix gave a small sigh and stepped out into the cool air, closing the door gently behind her and trekking off to the bus stop at the end of the street.

She tugged her black leather jacket closer against the cool air and tried to resist the shiver that ran through her. And while the cold weather didn’t affect her powers or anything, it did affect her mood. And it generally meant she had to eat more. She gave a small sigh at that, crossing her arms and waiting for the bus.

Eventually it arrived, and she happily jumped into its warmth, hoping to whoever that this was the right one and not some other school bus. One look around told her that this wasn’t just some other school bus though. She could see some people showing their powers off already, seemingly not caring that they were still in public view. She hesitatingly walked forwards, up the bus, looking for a seat. Most of them were already taken, which made her curse the fact that hers was one of the last stops. The few that weren’t were either by people who didn’t exactly look like they wanted anyone to sit with them, or by younger pupils trying to show off. In the end she settled for sitting next to some guy in tie dye who looked relatively harmless.

She studied him for a second, a small frown on her face not saying anything, then turned away slightly as she realised she was staring. When he looked away from her though she went back to watching him… curiosity maybe getting the best of her. She needed to get used to talking to people outside of the lab, what better chance than this? But when she opened her mouth to try say something she found the words wouldn’t come. She watched as he turned back to her though, staring too… and then he broke the awkward silence by saying, “Hi.”
Phoenix gave a small smile, her eyes weary yet curious. She tried again to speak. “Hi… you ummm… don’t mind if I, um, sit here, right? I mean…you’re not meeting anyone or anything?” The words came out hesitant at first, then rushed. Her cheeks tinged pink slightly and she glanced away from him while she waited for him to reply.


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Apparently, the person sitting beside Bryan Loski was a girl. But her response was... icy, to be exact. Not only her appearance was one-with bright blond hair and pale complexion-, but her attitude as well. All Bryan could do next was rolling his eyes and murmured, "Just trying to be polite." To avoid more complication, he decided to change his seat, ignoring the cold girl that was... actually having a cold. She was sneezing when Bryan moved to the seat behind them. There was already a boy, rummaging through his own bag, probably searching for something: a gum, his pencil, or a book. Trying to be on his feet in the moving bus, Bryan quickly sat beside the boy. "Hey." He gave a small wave. "Excited for the first day of school?" Yet another lame starting sentence, but Bryan was rusty with conversations. He could only hope that this boy would not be as cold as the girl before.

((Yes, short. And yes, suckish. Just wanted to reply so the thread could get on. Ally, feel free to glare or snapped at Bryan. XD))


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When Isabelle walked by, she said hello. He looked up for a second and nodded. "Hi." He said before she continued down the aisle. He sat there listening to his music when the boy from ahead oof him got up sat down beside him and asked if he was excited for school. He looked at him and laughed. "I'm never excited for school," He said, "I'm excited to see old friends though." He added not trying to be too mean. "What about yourself?" He asked but didn't give the kid enough time to answer. "Also what's your name again? You look so familar yet I can't place your name. Sorry not trying to be rude, but I like to to know the names of people that I'm having a conversation with." He added, not harshly but alittle apologetically. He switched songs on his Ipod making sure the earbud was in his right ear.

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