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Some relaxing practice (Open)

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1 Some relaxing practice (Open) on Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:29 pm

He sat up in the giant Oak overlooking a lake. He must have been atleast 40 feet up, laying on one of the few thick branches up this far. He had always came to the woods to get away from everyone and to escape from school. He had some spare time so he figured, why not go relax. He took each breath carefully. He would breath in as much as he could, hold it in for a few seconds, then slowly let it out. It looked like as if he was asleep.

He layed up there for a few minutes breathing slowly before slowly sitting up. He looked down at his backpack then at the water. He focused for a second and watched the top layer of water float towards his backpack. It swept it up and carried it up to him. By the time he had it up there, he was just starting to sweat. He could move alittle bit of water for a long time or he could move alot of water for a short amount. He was slowly getting better at controling large amounts of water and each time he tried he could hold it for longer. He let the water fall back into the lake with a loud splash.

He started to breath carefully again so that he could regain his strength. He was going to try something different this time. He waited a few minutes before he tried this. He pulled up a decent amount of water, probably about 5 gallons worth. He thought of armor the shape and feel of it and focused on the water infront of him. It started to cover his right hand then slowly moved up his right arm to his shoulder. He bent his arm a few times, trying to get use to the feel before throwing a few air punches. He then did the same thing to his left arm. He flexed his fingers then stretched his arms to make sure he doesn't pull anything. He kept his focus up on the water surrounding his arms because every time he lost it he could feel it slipping. He stood up and placed his feet on two seperate branches so that he wouldn't lose his balance.

He braced for any pain when he threw a punch at one of the branches in front of him. When he made contact instead of pain he could feel some pressure on his fist but other wise he broke through the branch. He needed to practice with this some more so that he didn't feel anything and maybe even soon he could cover his entire body. He focused back on his hand and made a dagger of water from his water covered hand. He slashed at the tree's body a few times and left some scratches in it. By now he was sweating alot and was breathing heavily. He let the water fall off his body and stood there panting, trying to catch his breath.

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2 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:53 pm

Talia Collins (see link below)was coming home from school.It was an awesome day.No homework,no drama,and for most part no stress in general.

She decided that since she had no homework and her parents weren't expecting her home yet,she could visit the woods.It was kinda hard walking through the woods with her heels and skinny jeans. A few times she almost rolled her ankle.From just a little ways off she heard something that sounded like moving water.She was kinda hoping for a picturesque river.So she started quickening her steps,then she almost rolled her ankle again and went back to her slow,awkward pace.

Finally her feet were acing so she gave up and held her heels by the straps.It was so much better but her feet were getting a bit scraped up.The sounds of moving water were getting closer.She finally come up to a tree she came to see some water sliding off a boy on one of the thicker branches.It sort of amused that,that was a average student from her school's standards standards.

Not wanting to look like she was standing there gawking she smiled and gave him a little wave.She kinda hoped it wouldn't be one of those awkward moments when you wave at someone and they don't see you.

Talia Collins

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3 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:20 pm

((Hey, would it be okay if I joined? Razz))

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4 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:49 pm

((I joined without asking sorry Jason!))


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5 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:07 am

(don't worry about it Talia and yes you can Ally (: You can post next. So I shall wait Very Happy)

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6 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:09 am

Free time at school, nothing Ally would ever have guessed. Though the time wasn't much it was enough to wander away from school and decided she liked that idea,to get away. School would always be school with rules and dress code but this school was different and one of those rules was no powers on the campus. Ally didn't use her powers much but when she used them she somehow felt... warmer. But being warm was something Ally couldn't recall. She may rise a couple degrees but never warm. Leaving the school campus Ally wandered off shivering and breathing out cold puffs of air.

Crisp leaves and dry twigs crunched under Ally's feet and just for the fun of it, each step she took she allowed her foot prints to leave a frost print. Though, the air was too hot to leave the frost on permanently. After some more wandering the simple task started to feel draining almost. Stopping with a sigh Ally continued to walk normally.

Soon, Ally came across a pond to find a girl with high heels and a guy... Ally started in disbelieve to see the junior she had run into a couple times before. Her eyebrows knit together as if trying to figure out why they were all here. "You." said to him crossing her arms. Her next statement might have been 'What are you doing here' but he could have said the same thing.

((Short Razz))

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7 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:08 pm

As soon as the water left his body he turned just in time to see a girl waving. She was insane, she came into the woods wearing skinny jeans and heels. He narrowed his eyes and gave her a hello salute using his pointer and middle finger. Right after that he saw the same freshman from earlier. All she said was 'you'. then she crossed her arms. He stepped off the branch he was standing on and started to fall. It would be a second or two before hit hit the surface of the lake, he could already feel the water moving to intercept him. He looked down to see the water bend away from him before shooting up to surround him. He could already feel himself slowing down. He hit the lake still in the water and then the lake returned to normal. He slowly swam to the shore and climbed out. There was water covering his entire body but this would be easy to clean up. He started from the top of his head down. It took only a few seconds but any water on his skin was already back into the lake. However his hair was still soaked.

He dragged his finger through his pitch black hair and let it settle down smoothly. He slowly walked by the first girl, the one who waved and gave her a quick nod "If you're going to walk into the woods, make sure you wear shoes that you can walk easily in." He said to her. He continued to walk by her and stopped in between her and the new girl. "What do you want?" He said to the girl from earlier. He looked her over quick from head to toe before look her in the face. She kept showing up where he was. She wa starting to get on his nerves.

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8 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:15 pm

Talia's feet felt kinda itchy from the leaves,and grass.Talia could hear some crunching sounds from not too far away,but thought nothing of it.She quickly put her hand down,feeling very awkward."You." came a voice,making Talia jump a bit and look behind her,to see a girl around her age crossing her arms.The girl seemed mad,Talia wasn't sure how to react.Her eyes widened a bit,at the girl's abrupt greeting.She also wasn't completely sure if the girl was addressing her or not.

Talia not sure what to say looked at the boy in the tree,to see what his reaction would be.She saw the boy stepping out of the tree and letting the water catch him.She thought his power was really cool.After all wasn't most of the world covered in water?The boy's hair was wet,but his clothes were completely dry.

Talia felt like a baby compared the the older boy.She felt very awkward,as usual.He gave her a quick nod,Talia tried to act like she was perfectly fine.So she gave a quick smile back,"If you're going to walk into the woods, make sure you wear shoes that you can walk easily in." he said to her.She felt her face go hot.She looked down at her bare feet and out of habit said "Sorry" while smiling,sheepishly.

She watched him look at the other girl and say "What do you want?" he said,they seemed to know each other.Blushing Talia backed up a few steps she felt like she was intruding.


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9 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:05 pm

The boy jumped out of the tree and his target seemed to be the lake below. The water seemed to rise up out of its container to catch him. For a second, a feeling of admiration shot up into her throat. She could never control liquids, only freeze them. That feeling was soon pushed down and replaced with resentment and jealousy.  Why couldn't she do that? Could he freeze water as well? He came out of the lake, clothes completely dry while he left his hair still wet. He walked over to the other girl, someone Ally recognized from her class and said something to her then walked over to Ally.

"What do you want?" he asked almost seeming to match Ally's tone of voice from before.

"Why would you think I want anything?" she said coldly letting some of her power escape. Whatever was still wet on this guy would quickly feel the chills. "I just understand how you happen to be wherever I go."

Well he could say the same for Ally but she had already let the words fall out of her mouth. Beside, he already seemed to be pissed offed by her cold nature, now he was probably thinking something along the lines of how he was older, therefore to be respected. Ally wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of letting him feel like that.

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10 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:24 pm

“No reason to be sorry.” He said to the new girl before turning back to Ally. He felt something weird. His hair started to get colder. And all that happened was a smile just crossed his face. It felt nice so all he did was rub his head getting rid of the water that was freezing. “Well it seems that everywhere I am you appear. You keep this up and I’ll start to think you’re following me.” He said his voice full of agitation. “And I don’t like being followed”

He heard the girl behind him start to walk backwards. “You don’t have to leave. You’re not intruding on anything you know.” He told her, before focusing on Ally. He didn’t show any signs of forming the ball of water from the lake but he had to act fast. He launched it above her head and made it practically explode and rain down above her. He calmly walked off farther into the woods. If they followed ohwell.

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11 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:16 pm

“No reason to be sorry.” he said,Talia knew there really wasn't it was just a habit of hers.She said nothing and continued to look at the ground.Her face felt hot,she always felt socially awkward around boys and kids older than her,so the two together made her feel horribly embarrassed about everything she did.

“Well it seems that everywhere I am you appear. You keep this up and I’ll start to think you’re following me.” Talia heard him say,“And I don’t like being followed” he added.She was really starting to wonder what their back story was.She wasn't even considering asking though,that would be way to nosy.Talia was also really curious to see what the other girl would say.She also felt a bit out of place.

“You don’t have to leave. You’re not intruding on anything you know.” he said,Talia then realized she was still backing away."Oh,um okay." she said tentatively inching back forward.Suddenly a huge ball of water exploded drenching the other girl and getting Talia quite a bit too.She gasped her eyes huge and her mouth agape.She shut her mouth and shoved her shoes back on.The boy was walking away,Talia felt under her eye for running mascara,pretty good not to much,but her hair was pretty wet,but the other girl was even worse.

Talia tentatively walked after the boy,picking his back pack up on the way,if she was going to walk after someone she didn't even know it might as be for something."U-um,here's your back pack,you just left it..." she said her sentence fading,afraid she sounded like some stupid freshman just trying to follow the older kids around and get in good with them.


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12 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:59 pm

“Well it seems that everywhere I am you appear. You keep this up and I’ll start to think you’re following me.” He told her his voice rising with fustration. “And I don’t like being followed” Neither did Ally but she couldn't find anything to say. Wherever she went he seemed to be there as well. Saying something to the other girl and started to walk backwards. Raising an eyebrow Ally looked at him skeptically. What was he doing?

In the blink of an eye a huge bubble of water flew across the pond and shattered right over Ally's head. Her hands shot up over her head in time To make the water droplets falling over her head turn into snow but it just because her head was dry didn't mean the rest of her was dry. As soon as the water touched her skin it almost instantly froze. If she wasn't cold enough Ally couldn't help feel colder and that was the last thing she wanted.

Anger shot through her head clouding her vision for a moment. Why her? She already had enough to worry about, know one socialized with her because of her personality, and her "power" over others was basically all she had. Watching him walk away with another freshman trailing behind made her down right mad. He was not going to get away with this. 

In a furry, Ally glared at his backside. Any water in his body, saliva, sweat, bloody, would all go cold for a moment. Nothing serious to kill him but defiantly cause him some worry about the condition of his body. Freeze him in his tracks. Concentrating on his figure Ally could feel the familiar feeling of turning a liquid into a solid. It happened rather fast as if she was getting rid of the cold inside of her and transferring it to someone else. With a sudden burst of energy that transfer happened and she saw black for but a moment. The deed was done.

A wave of nausea swept over her as she struggled to stand on her feet. Freezing sweat was one thing she practiced on often but freezing eternal water and on someone else was something completely new. Not used to the release of power Ally's knees buckled and she fell onto the grass below. Whether it was her imagination or not Ally could've sworn she felt warm, even if it was only for a second. 

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13 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:53 am

He hadn’t taken more than three steps before he heard the first girl following behind him. "U-um,here's your backpack, you just left it...” She said. He started to turn around “Tha…” Was all he managed to say before he got cold, really cold, like all the liquids in his body started to freeze. He stopped in his tracks, his breath held in his lungs. He felt like he was about to collapse right there on the spot. He managed to close his eyes and hoped that the coldness would go away. That’s when he felt the water calling to him. The water from his water bottle shot out from it and flowed right down his throat. He could feel some water from the lake coming towards him too. He could feel it moving through his body, moving from cell to cell thawing him out. It took maybe a minute or two for him to get unfrozen. He still couldn’t move but his body felt like jello. He did end up collapsing onto the ground shivering until his body temperature returned to normal.

He started to cough up the water in his lungs. He was still shaking from the coldness and he struggled to get up onto his knees. When he finally did he had to open his eyes. They were still closed and when he opened them he noticed that the girl, that Ally had fainted. He was filled with anger, but somewhere in there, respect. Not many people would do what she had done. He tried standing up on his feet but he fell a few times. He stumbled towards the girl falling two more times before finally falling to her side. He had completely forgotten about the girl whose name he didn’t know. He looked at her than back to the unconscious Ally. He put his cold fingers to her neck trying to find a pulse. He was sure she was still alive he just wanted to make sure. He sat himself up and stared at the girl waiting for her to wake up. “I’m Jason,: He said to the nonamed girl. “And you are?”

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14 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:04 pm

“Tha…” he stopped.Talia was about say 'Uha' but stopped when she realized he hadn't finished.She tilted her head slightly in confusion.She noticed the older boy seemed like he was about to faint,his face was pale.He closed his eyes,Talia looked at him with a slightly worried expression.

She then turned her head to see the lake water rising again and covering the boy.He then collapsed,making Talia gasp again.She also noticed he was shivering."Are you okay?" Talia asked,her face painted with worry.She looked behind her to look at the other girl,she too was laying in the grass.

Finally the older boy began to coughed,Talia realized she had been clenching her jaw so hard it ached as she released it.She watched him struggle to his feet and stagger to the girl lying in the grass,then falling beside her,she wasn't so sure he should be trying to walk,but she wasn't going to stop him,she was too shy.

He put his fingers to the other girl's neck,something Talia realized as looking for a pulse.She watched him sit himself up,“I’m Jason" he said,“And you are?”Talia felt her stomach flip,like it always did when someone she didn't know very well said something to her."I'm Talia,uh are you okay?" she asked tentatively.


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15 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:59 am

Everything was dark, very dark. And cold. That was at least one thing Ally was used to. Even though she hated it sometimes it was almost comforting knowing that was still there, considering Ally barely remembered what happened. When she felt the faint touch of fingers on her neck she remembered. How angry she was. That feeling latched back onto her heart making her eyes shoot open.

"I'm Talia,uh are you okay?" the first words she heard and Ally could tell they weren't ment for her. Of course. No one ever cared about the cold girl but then again Ally wouldn't want their pity anyways.

"You wouldn't have felt a pulse anyway." Ally grunted and brushed off his hand. Sitting up Ally couldn't help feel extremely dizzy. Would she ever be able to control this power? "Why'd you come back?" Ally, for once not harshly. She was more intrigued if anything. She had expected them to just her to wake up on her own if anything, Ally had practically made enemies of them. Well at least the guy. The idea that some cared enough to come back was a strange thought. Ally wasn't sure if she liked it or rather if they had just left.

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16 Re: Some relaxing practice (Open) on Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:47 am

"I'm Talia, uh are you okay?" she said. He didn't turn towards the girl because Ally’s eyes shot open. He suppressed a smile because of the shock. “I’m alright no reason to worry about me”, he turned and gave her a smile. He was far from fine, his body still felt like it was frozen but he would soon thaw out. He never stopped shivering when Ally spoke up, "You wouldn't have felt a pulse anyway." She said, "Why'd you come back?"

He turned back to Ally “I didn't need to check for a pulse. I could feel your blood moving through you’re system. The water in it, I could feel it moving.” He took a breath, this girl was something different, their first encounter wasn't the greatest but this one, it was weird, she struck back at him. “Why did I come back?” He took a second to think “I came back because no one has ever stopped me in my tracks. Not like you have. That’s something I respect, you’re not afraid.” She probably did get afraid but he was sure she would understand what he meant.

He shakily got up onto his feet and held out his hand for her to take. His eyes were still filled with anger but he kept the smile on his face. Hate was something that would be with him for the rest of his life. If she didn't oh well it wouldn't bother him. “Talia, do you still have my bag?” He said, he was thankful for her help and he let it show in the way he spoke. Not many people cared if he was ok, they usually let him get up on his own, or they just ignored him. He might not like many people, but if someone cared enough, He would appreciate the help, or if they showed that they weren't weak. He might be angry at first and act like he hated them, but somewhere, he had respect.

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