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1 RULES!!! READ THEM!! on Sat Aug 25, 2012 6:22 pm

CREDIT GOES TO CHB7 WITH A FEW EDITS, may change in future

*You can have only one character. If we find you have more, you will be allowed to have one deleted but if it happens again, a BAN awaits you.
*Do not hack a staff's account!! There will be a ban if you do. You should also know better than to hack the forum of a member's account as well.
*There is no text talk such as 'lol, omg! I gtg, cya l8er!' It is very annoying, and frankly, hard for some to understand. This goes for in character and out of character, unless you're in the cbox.
*No arguing with any staff. Just... don't.
*Sky High is rated PG, and anything rated above that must say so in the title. We expect you to know what is and isn't PG. If there are any doubts, PM a staff member.

*All OOC posts must be at least five words.
*Please try not to have OOC posts in IC threads. We understand you must sometimes, but when you do, put it in double parenthases ((like this)). It is unnescesary to say you'll be back in a few minutes, and things along those lines.
*Absolutely zero bullying is allowed. It will be reported right away.
*Do not advertise frequently, or sites that are not RP sites. You will have one warning.

*Please use the sheet located in the Newbie Center.
*You must have an accepted character before RPing.

*Threads not marked PG 13 or up must stick to the PG rating. If we see a thread that doesn't, we will delete it without warning.
*All IC posts must be at least 100 words, and five sentances. This does not include song lyrics and what others say. Trust us, it is not that hard. I suggest typing it on Word or something that has a word count.
*Please try to match the person you are RPing with's length. It's very annoying to send in a large post, and be sent back a few lines.
*Do not take control of another's character. It can be very annoying to have your character do something you didn't approve of. We call that Powerplaying and greatly discourage that.
*Give the other person a chance to reply. Don't assume anything.
*Your character cannot be infinitely strong. You have to practice, and your character grows stronger.
*All RPing is Third Person POV.
*There will be no toleration for killing one's character without said person saying yes. If permission was given by the member, please notify the staff as well.
*Try to have good spelling and grammer. We know no one is perfect at it, but please try your best.

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