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A simple Picnic ((Talia, PG-13))

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1 A simple Picnic ((Talia, PG-13)) on Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:59 pm

Thomas was trying to make this the perfect picnic. Which is to say, he highly doubted that he was going at it the right way. He had a picnic basket with classic wicker weave, a red and white plaid blanket, sandwiches, orange juice boxes, lemonade boxes, Thomas' “Doom Box”, which really was no more than an ordinary boom box that had the plastic colored black and marked with whiteout in various symbols, such as the BVB Star, a black and white drawing of the Pick of Destiny, and a winged skull (Avenged Sevenfold, anyone?).

So as the conduit finished the meal, he went and got changed into some clean clothing; a tie-died tee shirt, faded blue cutoff jean shorts, and a pair of tennis shoes. Then, the boy grabbed some random CD's, not even looking what artist or album they were, and tossed them in as well. Well, he thought, here goes nothing. Then, turning the knob, Thomas opened the door and walked outside. Walking, Thomas felt anonymous, like people would see him as a human, as opposed to a freak with demonic powers, but that was in the past and long ago...

Eventually, Thomas got to where he needed to be, and set up the cloth on the ground. He then put down the Doom Box, and looked through his CD collection. Black Veil Brides, Cradle of Filth, Manowar, Dragonforce and KISS. Quite a lovely selection. He tossed in KISS, the destroyer album, and started up the song Beth. He didn't have to wait long before he saw his date, the lovely Talia Collins approaching him. He didn't know what possessed him to ask her out yesterday, but he had given it some thought since then, and now he knew, and he intended to tell her exactly how he felt.

Because he had fallen in love with her.


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2 Re: A simple Picnic ((Talia, PG-13)) on Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:31 pm

Blue. And warm and sunny and bright. All of these words could perfectly describe the weather. An absolutely perfect day
for the picnic Talia had in store. If only she could get her nerves under control. They were jumping around and generally
misbehaving. She had baked a few things for the picnic, a cupcake that looks like a mug of hot chocolate, and a cupcake
with fruity pebbles in them.She just knew she would bad and ungrateful if she didn't bring anything.

As soon as her mom dropped her off Talia felt like she could almost smell him. Spicy almost like ginger or cinnamon, she
loved it. Masculine but not over the top.

Talia walked thought the park trying to find him, she started to for a play a game where she would close her eyes and try
to smell the cinnamon, but when she ran nearly walked into a tree she decided to at least try to be normal and look for him
like a real human being. However it only took five minutes tops to find him.

"Hey" she said like a breathless whisper. " I, um brought some stuff too. Cupcakes..." she continued suddenly becoming
aware again of the now red scratch her cat had inflicted upon her this morning. She took the container out of the bag
she had brought them in they were still slightly warm.

* cupcake2
* Talia's outfit


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3 Re: A simple Picnic ((Talia, PG-13)) on Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:27 pm

Thomas laughed. "I like cupcakes." was his only reply. he gave her a peanut butter sandwich, and munched on one of his own. extra crunchy. yum. The boy was a total barbarian sometimes. he opened up the ice chest, and pulled out a root beer, proffering it to Talia. "root beer?" after the meal was slightly close to over, the boy went to the side, turning off his radio. Heavy Metal was good, but he didn't need Amon Amarth to tell her what he needed to tell her. "Would you, erm..." as always, his tonge seized up around her. "I like you," Thomas said, staring at his root beer. taking another drink from it, he spoke into his can. the words "in fact I love you" were slightly muffled by the drink.



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4 Re: A simple Picnic ((Talia, PG-13)) on Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:56 pm

With the birds chirping around her and the breeze stirring her hair around her shoulders it wasn't long before Talia relaxed."I like cupcakes." Thomas said and offered her a sandwich and a root beer, ice cold.Talia nervously tapped her ring just a gold thin band on the can of her drink and searched her mind for something to say. She felt awkward sitting there in silence, but Thomas beat her to it "I like you," he started "in fact I love you".

Talia had no idea how reply, did she feel the same way? She had only known him for about a week, love was serious, it a commitment. And at fifteen she wasn't ready for something that big, she could maybe feel it but if she told him she loved him too she be making a promise. Talia laid down on her back and gazed at the blue cloudless sky and reached for Thomas's hand.She wasn't ready for commitment, not yet.


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5 Re: A simple Picnic ((Talia, PG-13)) on Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:53 am

Oh crap. Thomas knew he shouldn't have outright told her exactly how he felt about her. What the hell possessed him to tell her he loved her?!? He did, but that wasn't the point. The two only met about a week ago! Surely the boy would have had sense enough not to move too fast for her. At that, a light went off in that dim minded Conduit's head. That was the problem. He moved too fast. But he couldn't help it. He already felt as though he had known her forever, that he could share anything with her. He trusted her, to be honest, with more than just his life. He trusted her with his heart.

As he thought about it, he felt something filling his hand, and realized it was Talia's own hand in his. God... she still tolerated him, for some reason. Whatever the reason was, he prayed he never got past her tolerance level. She was a telekinetic, the most powerful of all kinetics. Thomas controlled strictly sound. She could control whatever she decided. Hell, if she honed her powers enough, she would be able to take apart anything on a molecular level, and become a goddess for the world... then again, she already was a young, beautiful goddess in his eyes. He leaned backward, falling to the ground on his back, and looked into the sky. The sky was a clean blue, and had what seemed to be the perfect proportions of cloud and sky up. As he looked, he thought he could see a shape in the clouds... it looked like a bagel. Clouds usually did to the sonikinetic. As he looked at the clouds, he held her hand in his, and laced his fingers in hers. The kid may have been a fool, but... their hands just fit together. What's more, while they held hands, things just... felt right.

“Talia...” the boy began. “I'm sorry I was so...” god, was he being blunt when he told her? Foolhardy? Pushy? Intellectually flawed? Being an outright dumbass? He didn't know. All he knew was that he screwed up. Hardly the first time his mouth had gotten him in trouble, but this was the first time he had ever felt something like this, like love...


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