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An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski))

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1 An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:03 pm

Nephele had been having a crappy day, and she had the strange feeling that it was going to get worse. Of course, she was no soothsayer, but still. She couldn't shake the feeling as she walked along the frozen sidewalks. Once again, she was out walking in the biting cold on a Saturday afternoon. However, this time it was a very cloudy day, and the wind was especially cold.

She'd taken to walking around the streets of the more upper class town lately. It helped sooth her when she felt that everything was going wrong, or when she was really stressed. Lately, she'd been stressed a lot. Ever since she'd started talking to Bryan about his dad and her dad and her past, things at home had gotten worse. It wasn't Bryan, but her nightmares had started again. She was up almost every night with them, and it had started to affect her appearance and temperament. She'd been more snappish with her foster parents, and her grades had dropped by a couple of points. There were faint hints of black circles under her eyes, and her skin seemed paler than usual.

However, she didn't blame Bryan. In fact, she was glad. For the first time in her life she had someone she could trust and talk to. She had a real friend. A cold wind nipped her nose, bringing her out of her thoughts. She stuck her hands deep into her pockets, wishing she had something to cover her nose. Soon though, she spotted a small coffee shop down the street a little. She trotted up to it and burst inside. Her nose was saved! It was nice and warm inside the little shop, and it wasn't too crowded. She chose a table near the back, and ordered a cup of hot chocolate. She never drank coffee, and she wasn't going to start then.

A few minutes later, after the waitress had brought Nephele her cup of hot cocoa, the door jingled, signalling another visitor. She glanced up, and almost gasped at the sight of who had entered. Well, speak of the devil...she thought.

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2 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Fri Nov 30, 2012 9:07 pm

Tightening his coat, Bryan tried to breath normally in the cold air outside. Yeah, didn’t work at all. A small fog formed when he exhaling, as a sign that the weather today was almost freezing. Grunting in disbelief, the illusionist pulled out his schedule as a newspaper boy. Great, still three more houses to go. Despite the biting air and the weekends, the boy still needed to meet this week’s quota. Driving his bike a little bit slowly because of the glassy road, he sighed while doing his job and thinking about what was happening lately. Not only that Bryan might need the money, he wanted some time alone as well. To think about his past actions lately, and what would the consequences be.

For starters, he got in his first trouble at school since so long. And even worse, Bryan found out that his father was a super villain, who robbed, stole, and most gnarlier of all… killed. After that turn of event, the illusionist was a little bit… glum. He managed to be invisible for this few weeks, especially when he needed it the most. For example, when Bryan saw the bullies walking down the street, or… when Alia passed him by. For all the things that was magic, the boy hadn’t get the guts to tell his crush just yet. The girl probably heard the news, since Bryan did scare the whole cafeteria, but as to tell her the truth himself… He didn’t have the courage. So all he could do was avoiding and tried to blend in as best as he possibly could. But to ease his longing for meeting her again, he started to draw random things about her. These sketches did urged Bryan to meet her a couple of times, but even then fate seemed to intervene. So with that, the boy had no choice but to give up. At least, for now.

After he finished his shift, Bryan decided to take a break before coming back to his boss. The middle-age man was pretty easy on him, since they’ve known each other for four years now. He parked his bike in front of a coffee shop, the one that he and Alia visited a few weeks back. It made the ache on Bryan’s chest a little bit visible, but he hold it in. The boy ignored the bell jingle when he came in, and quickly walked up to the counter. Only after he ordered a cappuccino, he realized that there’s someone he knew inside that shop. Turning his head, Bryan furrowed his eyebrows. “Nephele? What are you doing here?”

Nephele Vaughn was the sophomore that told Bryan about his father. She was there when he’s creating havoc at the cafeteria as well. She was by far, one of only a few people that could understood Bryan as a whole, besides Alia and his family. The odd thing was, the girl was not a sociable person to even start with. After their incident, he rarely saw Nephele again, until now. And boy, did she looked like a zombie. Dark circles in her eyes, even paler complexion… “Are you alright?” He stepped closer after he got his coffee and sat across Nephele. Since the boy’s coffee still too hot, he just put it down on the table until it’s cool enough for him to drink. “You seems… tensed. And tired, if I may say so. Is everything okay?” Even though she was just his friend, Bryan Loski concerned about her. Nephele looked sick and miserable. Cupping his hands together, Bryan stared at the girl, anxious to wait for her answers.


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3 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:07 am

Bryan seemed just as surprised to see me as I do him, Nephele thought. He looked wind-bitten, as if he'd been out in the cold for a while. She supposed she looked the same, probably a bit warmer. Bryan had ordered himself something to drink, and held it between his hands as he walked over to her. She saw him take in her appearance, and knew how beaten down she looked. She glanced down at the hot chocolate swirling in the cup between her hands. She felt rather than saw him sit down across from her.

“Are you alright?” he asked, seeming concerned. Nephele used the universal shrug. The last thing she needed was another person worried about her mental health. Her foster parents had already talked about sending her to a therapist or a psychiatrist. She'd been there and done that, and it hadn't helped. Besides, there was no way she was telling some cracked-up shrink about her childhood horror stories.

"I-I'm fine," she said, sounding weak and totally not fine to even her own ears. Her voice was softer than usual, wisping out of her throat, and you could tell she was dead tired. As if to even further contradict her words, Nephele started coughing hard.

“You seems… tensed. And tired, if I may say so. Is everything okay?” Bryan asked.

"I'm just having a little trouble sleeping, that's all." Anyone could tell that was not the whole truth. She wished insomnia was the worst of it. "Nothing's wrong," she added. At least, not physically. Mentally was a whole different ball game, but she wasn't going to tell Bryan that. He didn't need to be worrying about her. Deciding to get the subject off of herself, Nephele went ahead and started a conversation.

"Pretty cold out there today. Some say the first snow might even come tonight or tomorrow," she said. The weather?! There are fourteen billion topics to choose from, and you choose the weather?! Her inner voice screamed. She sighed. She was pretty used to her inner voice screaming at her. The bell rang, signaling another customer entering, but she didn't look up. She kept herself focused on Bryan, waiting to see if he would continue with her pathetic conversation, or stray back to unwanted topics.

((Will introduce our 'visitor' in next post! Feel free to have Bryan's reaction next))

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4 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:19 am

Even though Nephele only shrugged as her first response, Bryan knew that there’s something going on. The girl was a quite one to begin with, but this time she was even quieter. His concern was confirm when Nephele admitted that she had trouble sleeping. “Ah, I see.” The illusionist nodded thoughtfully. He was a light sleeper to begin with, but every time Bryan doze off, he didn’t have any trouble while doing it. On time at sleeping and on time at waking up (or sometimes earlier than usual), that was how Bryan did it. His job as a newspaper boy required him to do so, actually. But the boy must admit, it did have a positive effect on his school life as well. He never late at any class, ever. However, then again, before he knew Alia or decided to be friendly, Bryan’s life was pretty useless…

He quickly shook his head when Nephele suddenly mentioned the weather, which pulled him back to reality. Byran let out a soft laugh while nodding at the window nearby. “Yeah, it is pretty cold out there.” He pulled his brown gloves and cupped his hands on his hot coffee cup. Ah, that’s the stuff. There’s nothing better than a warm beverage on a cold day. And with a friend, it would be even better. At least it could… if what comes next didn’t happen. After hearing a bell rang, Bryan Loski raised his eyebrows, and glanced at the new customer. It was usual for one to be curious, after all. But something about him churned a subtle tornado in Bryan’s stomach. The man’s subtle crooked smile, the way he nodded to the cashier, the soft laugh he produced after getting his coffee and then pointed at one of the pastries… It felt so familiar. However, the feeling that lingered on his gut was not a good one. In fact, it was more of a warning. Too bad for the illusionist… he can’t processed it just yet, who the man might be.

Turning back to Nephele, Bryan frowned. “Am I weird to feel that I know that guy?” He pointed towards the man with his thumb. “It’s just… he’s so familiar. But I know I never met him. At all. Or… I think so.” Blinking his eyes a few times, the boy turned his seat again to see the man again while tapping his feet nervously. “Is he famous or something? A superhero?” His questions were directed towards Nephele of course, but he couldn’t take his eye off from the new customer. Bryan must new him. He just must. But why did he partly feel otherwise?


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5 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:04 pm

She let out a sigh she hadn't thought she'd been holding as he took her weak explanations for her behavior and appearance. Thankfully, he'd seemed to pick up on her vibes of not speaking about it. He even went as far as to continue her pathetic line of conversation about the weather. There was however, a moment of awkward silence as both sat there sipping at their beverages. Nephele wrapped her hands around her cup of hot chocolate, willing it to make her feel warm.

Suddenly, Bryan looked around abruptly. His eyes followed someone, and a pit of dread started to hollow out Nephele's stomach.

“Am I weird to feel that I know that guy?” He pointed towards a man with his thumb. “It’s just… he’s so familiar. But I know I never met him. At all. Or… I think so.” Nephele slowly lifted her eyes to follow his gaze, knowing all the while that she shouldn't. There was something about Bryan's voice that had a kind of warning in it. Her eyes reluctantly found the stranger Bryan was fixed on. The man turned slightly, allowing Nephele a view of his profile. Even that little glance was enough. Bryan said something else, but it was as if time had stopped for Nephele. A million memories rushed into her head, and she almost physically lifted her arms to block them. However, she kept them wrapped around her mug of cocoa.

Her face drained of all color. What had been pale before was now ghost white, and her eyes must have been the size of saucers. No, Nephele thought. This cannot be happening. He's supposed to be gone, he's supposed to be in jail somewhere, or doing something somewhere else. Her mind scrambled for an explanation. She started to shake, not wanting to deal with the facts; the fact that he was here, back into her life, and that she was there, with his son.

Bryan Loski's father turned away from the counter, one hand wrapped around a steaming mug, his eyes scanning the faces. Finally, his eyes came to rest on the two of them, and he smiled.

"Bryan," she squeaked. She wasn't even sure why she said his name. Maybe to reassure herself that she wasn't seven years old again, alone with him? "Bryan, we need to leave, now." She knew that escape was the only thing that would save them from a confrontation, but it seemed that Ferdinand Loski did too. He maneuvered his way through the thinning crowd, everyone parting for him, as if he were a king. Before either of them could do anything, he stood in front of their table, blocking their only way out.

"It's been a long time, Nephele," Ferdinand said.

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6 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:21 pm

Still trying to figure out where or when he ever met that middle-aged man, Bryan Loski tilted his head. School? Maybe he’s a teacher? Nah. Not to be rude, but being an illusionist made Bryan really good at memorizing people’s face. That’s how he could manipulate people if he wanted them to look at him as a person with authority. Sometimes he ever drew them on his sketchbook, but he was sure he never drew that face. So how did he felt he knew that guy? He almost didn’t hear Nephele’s whisper, asking for him to leave together. “Huh? But… why…?” He answered alright, but Bryan still can’t get his eyes off of him. Even when everyone were parting as the man walked closer. Only after he sat down and said his greeting towards Nephele, Bryan started to get a clearer picture. “Hello.” He said awkwardly, and furrowed his eyebrows at the girl. “Nephele, you know him?” He murmured in confusion.

Since Nephele seemed unable to speak, the man shifted his sights towards Bryan and smile. See? That smile… Bryan was sure he saw it somewhere. And after he said what he said, Bryan finally knew who he was. “Hello to you too, son.” The illusionist jaw might dropped literally if he didn’t come to his senses quickly. Now Bryan remembered. The sleepless night as a child, the quarell, the cries… And how he felt familiar even though he didn’t really know him. Of course. He saw him everyday in the mirror: same dark eyes, same jawline, exact posture, and even same crooked smile…. The only difference was Bryan still an awkward kid, while this man… he had confidence when facing other people. Even too much confidence.

His mind was murky now. Bryan Loski wanted to shout. He desperate for any weapon, any sharp object, any things he could throw at this man. The one who was supposed to be his father, the one who abandoned him and his family all this year… But after his mind settled down, Bryan knew he couldn’t do it. Because his curiosity had won the battle in his heart. What was he doing here? And why not? Why didn’t he search before? The illusionist lost his appetite at his coffee while pushing that beverage aside. His voice trembled dangerously, as his eyes started to look glassy. “Dad…? What are you doing here…?” And why didn’t you contact me earlier? Like, a few years ago?


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7 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:53 pm

Nephele still couldn't believe that Bryan's father was there. Bryan still hadn't seemed to have made the connection yet, and seemed very confused upon Ferdinand addressing Nephele by name. She wanted to be able to close her eyes and make everything go away, but she knew that she couldn't leave Bryan with his father alone. There was no telling what was on the super-villain's mind.

Ferdinand turned to his son, and addressed him as well. Understanding broke across Bryan's face, followed by the look of those lost in memories. Then, that look was replaced by anger.

"Dad…? What are you doing here…?” Bryan said in a carefully controlled voice, but it trembled dangerously. He sounded like he wanted to add more, but stopped himself. Bryan's voice broke Nephele out of her shock, and she took a deep breath as Ferdinand answered his son.

"I came to see you, Bryan," he said. Uh oh, Nephele thought. Ferdinand wanted something. She had lived with villains before, and she knew that they didn't seek people out for social visits. And when Ferdinand Loski wanted something, he usually got his way. A pit of dread started to form in her stomach. However, she knew that there was no way she was going to leave Bryan by himself with his father.

"Don't you think it's a little late for some father-son bonding times?" Nephele said, surprising herself with how bold she sounded. If there was one thing she knew, it was the fact that Ferdinand Loski found sarcasm amusing. She also knew that it was imperative that he not get angry.

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8 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:07 am

Trembling beyond believe, Bryan Loski still couldn’t believe what just happen. He was just being curious. The illusionist was just wondering who this man was, but it ended up as his father. His long lost father, Ferdinand Loski, who hadn’t show up for years. No letters, no news, no phones, literally nothing. A few months -or was it a year?- after Bryan was born, he disappeared. And because of that, his mom had to work several jobs just for their family to stay afloat, while refusing to talk about her husband whatsoever. What did he want now, showing up out of nowhere? To apologize? To show some remorse? I doubt it, Bryn thought bitterly while cracking his already white knuckles.

Apparently, he wanted to see Bryan. After all this time, his reason to come by was to see his son. A sparkle of hope suddenly popped on the boy’s heart, but suddenly damped by reality afterwards. No, he must want something. Bryan’s father must be in a deep trouble of some kind for him to scamper back to where he was now, or he needed some help that the one and only Sky High could provide: fresh batch of superheroes. It didn’t take a genius to figure that out. And Bryan Loski was definitely not a genius kid. He snorted when Nephele snapped back at Ferdinand. “Can’t agree more.” He nodded while smirking at the girl, then turned to his father with a poker face. “So just cut the bull, ‘Dad’. What do you need and why are you here now, of all times you could visit? Must be not for something nice.” He raised his eyebrows.

Ferdinand Loski didn’t seem surprise to get such a cold reaction. He just shrugged instead. “Your reaction is acceptable. But, to be honest… I need your help.” See? I knew it. So much for a brilliant father figure. Moistening his lips while scoffing, Bryan straightened his sitting position and stare his father right in the eyes. “So? Spill it out. Before I call the authorities.” But he remembered something. “And whatever you want, leave Nephele out of this. She doesn’t need anymore nightmares.”


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9 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:35 am

((AHH!! So sorry!! We've been moving into our house these past few days and getting a new internet service so I haven't been able to get on long enough to reply. Sorry it's so late!!))

Nephele felt a little better when Bryan seemed to agree with her snappy comment to his father. He smirked at her for a moment, but his face then became a stone; no emotion, no nothing. It was game time. Time to see the reason why Ferdinand Loski was there, why he had finally tracked down his son after who knows how many years.

“So just cut the bull, ‘Dad’. What do you need and
why are you here now, of all times you could visit? Must be not for
something nice.”
Bryan said. She almost expected Ferdinand to slap his son right then, or blow up or something, but it seemed he had learned self-control since the last time they had met. In fact, he looked a little too calm.

“Your reaction is acceptable. But, to be honest… I need your help.” Ferdinand said. So that's why. Nephele thought. He needs to stay on his son's good side in order to get his help. But help for what? He could easily rob a bank, or a store or take anything he wanted. Whatever stunt he wanted to pull was obviously something that required more than one person, and she had a sinking suspicion that Bryan would play a big part of it.

“So? Spill it out. Before I call the authorities.” But he remembered something. “And whatever you want, leave Nephele out of this. She doesn’t need anymore nightmares.” Nephele looked startled. How did he know about her nightmares? Then however, common sense filled in. Her appearance was definitely a clue, as was her little comment about no sleep. It didn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together and get four. Ferdinand tsked and sighed.

"Well, I'm afraid that I can't leave Nephele out of this. She's a part of this, as are you. I need help...rescuing a friend. He's been locked away, and I've been trying for a while to get him out, but nothing seems to be working. Now, if you and the girl were to help...that'd be a different story,"
he said. Nephele stared at him. A friend...locked away...and they need Bryan and her...No.

"No," she said. Ferdinand stared at her. "No, we're not helping you take him out of prison. He'd there for a reason! And you should be there with him," Nephele said. Ferdinand sighed, and tsked again.

"I was afraid you would say that. I thought you knew better, Nephele. And I so didn't want to resort to this," he said. She tried to speak, to shout out at him, but found that she couldn't. Her mouth moved on its own accord, forming words that weren't hers.

"Bryan, you know, I think he's right. We should help him. After all, the man he wants to rescue could have been wrongly accused. We would never know. We're just kids. Besides, what's the harm?" Ferdinand said through her. Only her eyes still were hers. They screamed at Bryan not to listen as she tried to fight the force inside her.

"My, my Nephele, you're out of practice," Ferdinand said. She pushed harder against him, trying to force him out, struggling to remember the techniques she'd developed as a child. One by one, she tried to imagine brick walls around her mind. However, Ferdinand withdrew from her mind, leaving her to herself again. She gasped, exhausted from the effort of trying to push him out, and shuddered. Ferdinand turned to his son.

"What is your answer?" he asked.

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10 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Fri Dec 21, 2012 5:18 am

When his father said that Nephele would be a part of it, Bryan’s jaw dropped while his eyes shot madness to that man. “Didn’t you hear what I just say?” His body was trembling with anger. But the illusionist’s eyes dimmed a little when Ferdinand Loski told him his story, about helping a friend. However, Bryan squinted his eyes yet again when his father implied he would never able to break him out without his son’s help… and Nephele. “Bringing her is out of the question, Dad. Thankfully, the girl herself voiced her reluctance quite clearly. But then the boy tilted his head. No, that was not just a reluctance. There was something else. Nephele knew the ‘friend’ Ferdinand was talking about. As they were talking in a very tensed conversation, Bryan was looking at the man and the girl back and forth, afraid that one of them would literally bursted into flames.

Unfortunately, what Nephele said next brought Bryan’s defense down to a minimum. What? So now she wanted to rescue whoever it was? He blinked in disbelief, obviously ditching his coffee that was cold now. “Nephele… did you hear what you just said?” Then suddenly the illusionist remembered what his father power was: mind-control. And that he usually do it to Nephele so she could resist it. The ‘practice rounds’, so he said. This made Bryan glared at Ferdinand with his most utter stare. “Stop. It. Now.” Then his imagination started working, mustering one of the most elaborate illusion he ever performed yet: making everyone in the coffee shop believed that his father was a double headed dragon. However… it was not working. No one screaming or running away. But it was not possible! Bryan quickly turned around to Ferdinand, but the man only smirk faintly. “You’re magic tricks won’t work on me, son. You got the talent from me, after all.”

Breathing heavily, Bryan Loski didn’t knew what to do anymore. So instead, he tried to do what’s best for everyone; by fulfilling his father’s requests. “Fine! Just tell us what we need to do, then we do it… and you will be on your way.” He almost puked looking at Ferdinand’s winning grin. “Like I was never here.” Staring at his coffee and wished he didn’t have a father at all, the illusionist gritted his teeth. “And don’t you dare torture Nephele any longer, or I might have to ring your neck. Trust me, I was close to do so.”


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11 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:49 pm

She was glad that Bryan was going to fight to keep her from helping them, as he seemed to know it was the last thing she'd want to do, but something told her that this day was going to end in Ferdinand's favor. From her comments, Bryan seemed to infer that she knew who Ferdinand wanted to bust out, and he was correct. He was confused, rightly so, when she suddenly switched her opinion under Ferdinand's control, but quickly realized what had happened. He ordered his father to get out, and seemed to try an illusion. Nephele almost thought it was going to work, but Ferdinand stopped it. Bryan seemed exhausted after his ordeal, but Ferdinand looked like he was just warming up.

Nephele could see the hopelessness set in in Bryan's eyes; the defeat.

“Fine! Just tell us what we need to do, then we do it… and you will be on your way.” Bryan said.

"Bryan," she protested weakly, but saw that determined look his father often got that meant he wasn't going to budge in his decision. Nephele rested her head on the table. Her premonition had been right; her day had gotten worse.

“Like I was never here.” Ferdinand said, a sickening winning smile on his face.

“And don’t you dare torture Nephele any longer, or I might have to ring your neck. Trust me, I was close to do so.” Bryan threatened. Ferdinand's smile grew wider, and he laughed out loud, a full, cruel laugh.

"Ha! You sound just like me!" he said, and laughed again. "I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all." Nephele winced. Bryan was not going to like that comment.

"Anyways," he slipped into the seat beside Nephele, making her stiffen, "here's what we're going to do..."

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12 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:40 pm

((Do make Nephele’s job with your own sentences. Have fun and MERRY CHRISTMAS!))

When Ferdinand implied that Bryan was just like him, the boy squinted his eyes while breathing heavily. He was not happy when his father called him that. Sure, they might have similar features on the face, the body, the smile… Even the wrinkles on their eyes, but Bryan was not, and never shall be like Ferdinand Loski. Though he sometimes loose control, the illusionist knew he has some goodness inside. That, and Alia, were the ones who kept him sane and controlled. So when his father said that, Bryan only murmured a sentence in response. “Speak for yourself.”

Ferdinand Loski, however, only raised his eyebrows and gave his son a crooked smile. He obviously waved that sarcasm away. Plus Bryan’s previous threat. “Anyways,” He slipped beside Nephele., making the girl tightened her seat in fright. Bryan reached her arms and hold it tight, encouraged her to hold on. “Here’s what we’re going to do…” He paused for a moment, glaring at Bryan with furrowed brows. “No need to hold her. It’s not like I will steal her or anything.” The boy snorted, resulting in holding Nephele’s arm even more tighter. “I never know what you would do to her, so I better prepare for the worst.” The girl had similar history to Bryan, and she had been his partner in crime for several times now… including in this one. So yeah, Bryan would never loose her. Nephele was like a little sister to him: someone he should protect.

The man only shrugged after hearing that. His cold eyes were definitely not amused. “Fine. Like I said, I need help. I want to rescue a friend. Sadly, he is in a top-secret prison, with dozens of security and highly-trained people. What I need you to do is-“ “Wait.” Bryan interrupted. He just realize something. Apparently, his father wasn’t accustomed to being cut in a middle of a sentence, so he sighed and tilted his head towards his son. “Yes, my son? What is it?” The boy scoffed while he heard a hint of sarcasm on his father’s sentence. “Why do you do this now? Why not before? Freeing… whoever he or she was, I mean.”

This, unfortunately, only results in a mysterious smirk from Ferdinand. That is none of your business. Let’s just say there’s some… opportunity now than before. What I need you to do is manipulate the guards, since they always lingered around when I want to break him out. Make me invisible or something. Use your imagination. I know you are good with those.” Ferdinand cackled in a subtle yet devilish tone. Bryan sighed as his father shifted his sights towards the poor girl.

“Now, Nephele. Here’s what you need to do.”


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13 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:23 pm

((Yea!!! Finally up!! Happy New Years Eve!))

Nephele sighed at the turn of events. She wondered if any of the humans had any inkling that they were in the same room as an infamous super-villain. Most likely not. Nephele could tell that the comment about Bryan being like his father had really bothered him. She knew how he felt. Having a super-villain dad really sucked, but being compared to that super-villain dad was worse.

Nephele tried to concentrate on something else besides the fact that Ferdinand Loski was sitting right next to her, and almost jumped out of her skin when she felt someone grab her arm. She looked up sharply, but saw that it was only Bryan. A feeling of gratitude washed through her, and she gave him a grateful smile. Ferdinand however, didn't seem to have the same feelings and he voiced his thoughts. Bryan returned with a snappy comment that made Nephele smile again softly. Ferdinand just glared. Nephele let out a sigh of relief. This time around, she wouldn't be alone.

She tried to listen to the instructions given to her and Bryan, but her mind kept drifting off. She was going to see her father. She and Bryan would break him out of jail. He would be free again. She would get to see him again. A mixture of emotions swirled around her head, but her thought process was broken when Bryan interrupted his father.

“Why do you do this now? Why not before? Freeing… whoever he or she was, I mean.” Bryan asked. Nephele perked up. Now this was an answer she wanted to hear. However, it seemed they would both be disappointed.

That is none of your business. Let’s just say there’s some… opportunity now than before. What I need you to do is manipulate the guards, since they always lingered around when I want to break him out. Make me invisible or something. Use your imagination. I know you are good with those.” Ferdinand said with a mysterious smirk and a cackle. Nephele winced a little as he turned towards her.

“Now, Nephele. Here’s what you need to do.” Ferdinand said. "You are our ticket into the jail. It's the Christmas season, and you're missing your father. Play it up, look miserable, do whatever, but get into the jail. Once you are there, you will tell your father that you've met a new friend and would like for him to meet this new friend. He'll understand. Then ask to go to the bathroom once you're done talking to him. When you're inside the bathroom, use your mist to signal us by setting off a smoke alarm. We'll come in right after that. Do you two understand your parts?" Nephele nodded her head to show that she'd understood. Ferdinand smiled. "Bryan?" he asked, turning to his son.

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14 Re: An Unexpected Guest ((Bryan Loski)) on Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:32 am

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When Ferdinand Loski basically waved his question away with not-so-great of an answer, Bryan snorted while still gripping Nephele’s hand. Now he could see why this man was a super-villain. All he cared about was what he wanted and nothing else. He didn’t even pay attention to his own son, and he certainly never asked about his family even though the illusionist (who was his first connection to the family after such a long, long time) was there in front of him. For a split second, Bryan wondered why would her mother even got two kids with him. He should asked her about that later… if they survived what Ferdinand wanted to pull of, anyway. The boy sighed as Ferdinand looked at Nephele with hungry eyes of success. However, he didn’t let go. From a glance before his father decided to chime in, Bryan could tell that Nephele was having a rough time. And he would never let her face it by herself when the nightmare was in front of her now.

Hies eyes got squinted even more when he learned what Ferdinand asked for Nephele to do. This man has no heart. That was Bryan’s first reaction. He didn’t show it directly, of course. Otherwise, the coffee house would get confused by sudden manipulation that burst in his head. He can’t believe that his father, the guy he had been dreaming to meet with was… some insignificant coward and a puppet master. In a way, Bryan was thankful to Nephele for telling him her story. If she didn’t do that, maybe the illusionist would still think his father was somehow a hero, no matter how awry and scary his past were. Now, Bryan’s mind was made up neatly and completely. He would never trust Ferdinand Loski, ever. Not in this time or even in his second life. The boy’s hands were shaking when he thought this through, suppressing any emotion that might surge out later.

After Nephele nodded as a sign that she understood what she needed to do, Ferdinand turned to Bryan and asked the same question. Breathing heavily out of anger, he tried his best to answer calmly. “I understand.” But before he could speak any further, Bryan raised his hand, a sign the he still wanted to talk. “But know this, Father. If we ever get caught, I will tell the absolute truth and nothing but the truth. I’m pretty sure everyone would believe me, since Hillary is a top-notch lawyer. Maybe you remember her? Your daughter?” He put a lot of pressure on that particular word. “So no matter how far you squirm your way out of the punishment, heroes and authorities alike will came after you like ants towards a cube of sugar. And if it does succeed, you could bet your life that I will search for you and bring you to justice. Mark my word.” Bryan released Nephele hands, stood up, and stare at his father square in the eyes. “That I will use all my power to get you and diminish all of you plan that you might have to create havoc. Now do you understand?” Bryan never felt this angry before. And even if he did, he never had to hide it. But if he didn’t… bad things could happen. So despite his words, the illusionist manage to hold his grounds, grabbing the edge of the table as his effort to do so.

However, all Ferdinand Loski did was smile. That innocent yet somewhat sickening smirk. Still sitting peacefully, he crossed his hands and stared at his son while blinking his eyes a couple of times. “Well, I expect you to do that as much. What that school has done to you… do you know why I never came home?” Before Bryan could react, the man leaned forward and whispered a deadly tone. “Because I never want children in the first place.” A shiver ran through Bryan’s spine. Son of a- But his mind was disconnected when Ferdinand spoke again, with a normal voice this time. “Don’t get me wrong, I love your mother. I really do. But then she decided to ruin it with having a baby. And yes, I do remember Hillary.” He chuckled softly, playing with a coffee cup as he paused for a bit, seemed like reminiscing his past. “Speaking of which, you should talk with her after our little thing here… is over. I bet you my life that she remembered me. Loud and clear. Now, your mother, on the other hand…” Ferdinand suddenly stood up, making Bryan jerking his body back. “… don’t speak of this with her. If you do, I will know. And…” Grinning crookedly, he pulled out a picture. Bryan took it and instantly felt cold: it was Alia. “Her mind would never be safe. And if I did mess with her, The Tank would come after you. I will make sure of that.” Bryan couldn’t even produce a word out of his mouth. Ferdinand seemed to be satisfied with his work, for he quickly stepped out from his seat afterwards. “I will call you when the time comes. Make sure you are available when I do. Now… good bye. And good luck. You should need it, going to school at that wretched place called Sky High in the first place.” With a soft chuckle, he nodded briefly and walked out, leaving both kids with a burden the size of a planet.

After he finally gone, Bryan sunk in his seat. If he didn’t want any children in the first place, that what did Bryan meant for him? Hillary might be an accident, but him? What, a mistake? A tear suddenly dropped to his left cheek, but it was not out of sadness. It was fury. Anger. Pure hatred that he had to control, or he would blow his cover. Looking at a picture of his crush, Bryan gradually felt a little lighter, even though his heart still felt like it was resting in his stomach instead of his chest. Now he had no choice but to obey. Turning his head to face Nephele, Bryan’s stare was somewhat firm and surrendering. “I guess we have to do it then.”

Nephele might say something back, but if she did, Bryan didn’t listen. His mind kept going back to when he came to this coffee shop. Before he met his dreaded father. The illusionist wouldn’t even thought of getting in this kind of mess before. But now, he had to do it, or Alia would take the pain. Since he couldn’t speak anymore (at least, not something meaningful), he nodded to Nephele and walked out, took his bike and ride them all the way home. One might never know the future, but for Bryan… he was sure that his would be as dim as a broken light bulb.


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