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Their History ((Nephele Vaughn, might be PG-13))

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This was not the worst day that Bryan Loski had. No, definitely not. Sure, he managed to scare the entire cafeteria by creating an illusion so real, it looked like the school had been whirled in a huge hurricane. But no, this was not Bryan's worst day ever. He had been through a more horrible fight and a more horrible near-death experience, which he never told anyone about. Well, okay, just to be fair... it might be his worst day ever. But at least, not yet.

First of all, a bully decided to pick a fight with him. And even worse, Bryan caved in, making his power go wild and uncontrollable. He was only in this situation once before, and back then his victim was helpless. One was admitted to a psych ward, while the others were undergoing an intense mental evaluation. Anyone would do that if they thought they were attacked by mindless zombie and got their brain eaten...

But there was even important matter that emerged from Bryan's brief conversation with Nephele. Something about her father and his father, working side by side while giving Nephele... what was that... session? Even with his collar on the pricipal's grip, Bryan could shudder remembering that fact. He knew better than to use his power purely to know if his victim could withstand it. He was curious as how Nephele could survive those 'sessions', as she called them. Bryan almost made a man literally crazy because of misusing his power. How come his father could do that to just a girl like Nephele?

Then again, Bryan heard Nephele's father famous name: Phantom. Now he wished that he paid more attention to that History class rather than chat with Alia. Sure, he made a big break by socializing with one of the most gorgeous girl he knew, but still... now knowing who Phantom was more important than anything. Maybe Bryan could ask Alia on notes about him when he got the chance to meet her again... or maybe he just had to ask Nephele about it now.

The principal literally dragged both of the 'troublemakers' to the detention room. Lunch was over, so the hall was empty as a graveyard. Realizing that Nephele was still in her dirty shirt, Bryan managed to protest for a moment. "At least give her some decent shirt, would you?" But the man snickered in disgust. He didn't answer that question until all three of them standing in front of the detention room, and after he shoved both Bryan and Nephele inside. "Your trouble, your responsibility. She could change her shirt after the school hours are over. Now both of you, stay here and be quiet." He squinted his eyes while adjusting his eyeglasses. "Don't try anything funny. There's the neutralizer in this room, so whatever power you possessed? It won't work." And with that, he pressed the door switch, closing it up with a fast swish sound, leaving Bryan and Nephele alone in that white and quite room.

Sighing, the illusionist found a nearest chair and sat on it, while rubbing his face non-stop. There's so much too learn about both of their parents, but then again they still got time. So Bryan decided to ask the most vital question first. "Okay, we both know this would get awkward, but..." He moistened his lips to muster his courage. "Sorry if my first question is stupid, but... could you tell me more about your father, about Phantom? I'm... bad at history." For him to know his father-Ferdinand or whatever his name was-, Bryan had a feeling he must know something about Nephele's past first. Only after that, he would be able to connect the dot. So Bryan cracked his knuckles while waiting anxiously for Nephele to answer that important question.


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In Nephele's mind, it had been a pretty good day. Sure, she'd been bullied, that was nothing new. She'd been saved, which was new, but then had undergone an out of control mind illusion, which really wasn't that new. And now of course, she was heading to the detention room. The principal looked delighted about this the whole way there. The bully just sulked beside him, probably thinking that at any given moment the principal would decide to through him into the detention room too. She wondered how they kept kids in the detention room. Couldn't the kids just break out with their powers?

Knowing she would find out soon enough, she plodded along silently. The principal continued to smirk, and she could just imagine him going home and calling up his mother, as she knew he wouldn't have a wife, and saying "Mom, guess what? Today I put two kids in the detention room! Eh, those kids won't be causing anymore trouble up at the ole Sky High, no-sir-ee. I made sure of that." She smirked at that thought, but quickly glanced away when the principal glared at her.

Bryan seemed deep in thought beside her. She didn't try to make conversation, but rather left him to his own thinkings. A few moments of quiet passed as the foursome made their way towards the detention room. Finally, the principal stopped at a blank door, smiling proudly. However, it disappeared when Bryan asked if Nephele could get another shirt. She dumbly looked down, remembering that her shirt was still covered in drying, bright red juice. The principal glared at them.

"Your trouble, your responsibility. She could
change her shirt after the school hours are over. Now both of you, stay
here and be quiet."
He sneered at them and adjusted his glasses. "Don't try anything funny. There's the neutralizer in this room, so whatever power you possessed? It won't work."

So that's how it works. Nephele thought. The principal roughly shoved the two of them inside, and then latched the door shut. Nephele heard the lock click. Bryan sighed and went to the nearest desk. Nephele followed, glancing around at the completely blank white room. Bryan was rubbing his face, and sighing a lot. She took a seat across from him, knowing that they were in for a long discussion.

"Okay, we both know this would get awkward, but..." He moistened his lips, and Nephele could tell he was mustering up courage. "Sorry if my first question is stupid, but... could you tell me more about your father, about Phantom? I'm... bad at history."

Nephele sighed, and then took a deep breath.

"Well, my father attended all four years of high school here at Sky High. His parents were supers, not necessarily super-heroes, but they weren't bad. I've never met them though. Anyways, because my father could turn completely invisible and had a cunning mind, most expected a lot out of him. People thought he would become the next big thing. And he did; though just not in the way everyone expected. He met my mother at a social class thing in college, and fell in love with her. They were married soon after that, and I was born only a year after. My mother died because of child birth complications, even though my father had done everything he could to save her. It was then that he turned. That's when he started to steal. First small things, but it soon progressed until he was taking out four to five vaults. He became known all around, as you heard. For me, it meant that I had to take care of myself. When he was home, he would ignore or sometimes...well, um...sometimes he beat me," Nephele mumbled the last part, suddenly embarrassed. How did you tell someone that your father had beaten you? She hurried on, though not so sure this next part would be any better.

"Your father entered the picture when I was about three or four. At first he came by once or twice a month, then about a week or so out of every month, then once or twice a week until he almost came daily. He and my father planned and executed numerous robberies and even murders. It wasn't until I was seven and my powers started to surface that the sessions began," Nephele said. She shuddered at the memory. She brought her knees up to her chest, and wrapped her arms around them.

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Bryan Loski’s head was literally throbbing when Nephele’s started to talk about her past: about the one who called Phantom. At least now he could understand why the villain picked that name: because he could be invisible. Well, it was not that much different with Bryan’s own power, but he must manipulate one’s mind to be invisible, while Phantom could be transparent by his own will. He nodded when Nephele told him when his so-called father started to fell off the wagon: stealing, gradually getting on more bigger schemes… and eventually met his father.

The illusionist winced when the girl mentioned that his father used to beat him. This made him reminiscence back to when his father was around… well, even though he wasn’t around that much. Bryan’s father, or Ferdinand Loski according to Nephele, left his family when Bryan was only one years old. Or was it two? Either way, he left Bryan and Hillary at a fairly young age. Nobody would know about him, if Hillary didn’t gave out signs of power later in life. After that, then her mother started to told both of her kids that their father was not a normal human being, that he could do things normal person couldn’t… She just didn’t say what was it that he was able to do. But after discovering his own power, Bryan could make a brief conclusion that his father’s powet would involve something with brains, since Hillary could whispered and heard everyone else’s mind while Bryan could manipulate it secretly. He just didn’t think that his father could… control minds. Literally.

His mind was shattered when Nephele said something about murder. “Say what?” His tone was purely out of shock. Kill people? His father could do that? “What- Who- How- Okay, wait.” Bryan need to stop for a while just for breathing. Bad enough that he found out that his father was a villain in general, now he had to digest that he was a murderer as well. Great. But then he frowned. Bryan remembered something, a question that he should’ve asked from the first time Nephele said that she knew his father. “How did you became so sure that I was his son, again? I mean, what resembles me to him? Or him to me… Agh.” Another throbbing headache. Dear goodness, all of it was too much. Bryan would be glad if he could Alia’s face right now… she always a breeze, literally or not… It’s refreshing to see her face after all of this was over. He quickly made a mental note to find Alia as soon as he got out from this ‘prison’. “I mean, what convinced you that I’m his son?”


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Nephele felt bad, watching Bryan as he digested everything. She'd had her whole life to get used to the idea, and here he was, being told his heritage by a girl he'd only just met. No wonder he looked a little green. He also looked a little in pain, and his hands went to his head a lot. Nephele wondered if he was getting a headache. She knew that she would, in his place. She also could feel one coming on, most likely a product of visiting the memories she had spent years locking up. She went on though, getting more into the story as she went on. She tried to keep the pain and bitterness out of her voice as much as she could.

However, she was pulled up short by Bryan's reaction to the murder part. He looked like a fragile glass figurine that'd been shot to pieces. She didn't see what the big deal was at first, thinking to herself that it wasn't that big of a deal. Then though, she tried to put herself in Bryan's shoes. He'd had an AWOL father his whole life, and had known practically nothing about him. Then suddenly someone he didn't know told him that his father was a super-villain, and then went on to tell him that his father had been a murdering super-villain as well. That would be a lot to take in, for anyone.

“How did you became so sure that I was his son, again? I mean, what resembles me to him? Or him to me… Agh.” Bryan asked, and then seemed to think a moment. He tried rephrasing. “I mean, what convinced you that I’m his son?”

Nephele took a deep breath. How he had avoided asking that question for so long was a mystery to Nephele, but she still wasn't prepared for it. She had no idea how to explain that in that moment in the cafeteria, when he'd spoken, when he'd looked down upon his victims that he was his father. Completely and totally. She stared at the floor, thinking. How could she break it to him? She didn't want to terrify him, or make him think that he was destined for evil. In other words, she didn't want him ending up like her, always thinking that she would someday be like her father.

"The cafeteria. In the way that you moved. The shape of your face..." she was avoiding the real reason, and she knew it. She took a shuddering breath. "Bryan, just know that you are nothing like him. You helping me proved that, okay?" She looked away from him.

"That moment, when you advanced towards the bullies. The voice that came from your mouth was his. When I looked up at you, you weren't there anymore; it was your father who I saw. A memory had surfaced right before the bully had barged in, a memory in which your father was present. You look just like him, but I wasn't completely convinced until then. Then I was sure," she whispered.

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Bryan Loski eye’s widened when he heard how Nephele described his similarities to his father. “The way I moved?” He instinctively stare at his hands and moved his torso around. He moved like he used to move, never tried to copy anyone else. Well, if he was manipulating someone else by tricking them to believe that the illusionist was a certain person, that was another matter entirely. Rubbing his eyes, Bryan frowned then rub her hands together with an unsure gesture. Was he really that similar to his father? But when he heard what Nephele said next, the boy can’t help but smirked in return. “Well then, thank you.” Bryan nodded, even though his face was still a bit sad.

He digested everything that the girl said afterwards, about how his voice changed and his attitude that switched dramatically. Bryan wanted to deny that so bad, the only problem was… he experienced that before. Facing some mean bullies back when he was just a ‘normal’ kid in a public school, he hospitalized some of them to the mental wards because they kept seeing zombies inside their head. Yeah, not really original, but the illusionist was just done seeing a zombie movie the day before. So it was not his fault entirely when his imagination decided to project that particular nightmare. However, the scary thing was that he enjoyed it. Bryan desperately wanted for those kids to suffer, or ever worse: die for what they did to him and the others who can’t stand for themselves. The real Bryan, the everyday Bryan, would never wish such a thing. He would rather be invisible, blended with his surroundings and didn’t wish for anyone to get hurt in any way. He often wondered, where did that longing came from. He saw the silvery eyes too, somewhere…

This brings him back to his elementary days. Bryan was alone in the kitchen, after finishing his work shift as a newspaper boy. Eating his dinner, he didn’t realize that Hillary was entering the front yard, with the guy that was his boyfriend at the time. To tell the truth, Bryan hated him in every way a person could possibly imagine. He’s rude, obnoxious, know-it-all, and when Hillary was in the bathroom or something, he would pick on Bryan endlessly. The only reason he didn’t tell his sister was because Bryan wanted her to be happy. And even though he saw that by just a little, at least Hillary could be happy even for a bit. However, judging by the shouts and the screams he heard, they were about to broke up. Worried for his sister’s sake, Bryan dashed to the window, and saw that her boyfriend was shouting and grabbing Hillary’s arm. He eventually shoved her to the ground. Gritting his teeth, Bryan grabbed a nearby weapon-a baseball bat-, and was ready to beat him until he couldn’t even talk anymore, but his sister’s eyes shocked him. It was silver and gleaming: seemed beautiful, but dangerous as well. Standing up, Bryan could feel that Hillary tried to do something, yet her posture seemed soft, almost relaxed. The boy tilted his head, determined to help Hillary by going out of the house with his baseball bat, but something in his mind stopped him from doing so. It was his sister’s voice: loud and as clear as a bell. “Kill him. Kill the guy in front of me. He had done bad things. KILL HIM!” That last phrase made Bryan want to jumped out and bludgeoned the guy to his death. But then he blinked his eyes a few times, and realized that his sister was doing this. Hillary had talk to Bryan’s mind before (usually when she was too lazy to grab things downstairs), but this was new. Her power was never been so potent. It was not a forceful voice, but tempting enough to do. What was worse… the whole neighborhood started to show up with their own weapon of choice. They chanted ‘kill, kill, kill’ and hissed to Hillary’s ex-boyfriend, who started to get scared and tried to run away. But then mob kept pushing him in. He yelled for help, but it’s as if everyone else was in trance. Bryan was about to go out and remind his sister not to whispered to that many people, when her ex suddenly disappeared in a mist and flew elsewhere. Huh. A perks on being a superhero: escaping from your own ex. When Bryan asked about it, Hillary admitted that she felt the joy out of torturing that guy, which she would never do to anyone ever again.

After hearing all of Nephele’s explanation, Bryan sighed. Maybe this thing… it’s hereditary. The same silver eyes, the similar attitude and gesture they shared… he decided to ask Nephele about it. “Let me guess. Sometimes his eyes gone all… silvery, right? And he could be cruel too? You know what, don’t answer that.” Bryan sighed bitterly after changing his mind. “I know. Thanks to you, I’m convinced that my father is a super villain now. Yay.” He stare at the floor, but back at Nephele’s eyes once more, smiling apologetically. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have act like that. I know that you have far more burden to uphold.” He nodded slowly while crackling his knuckles. But he frowned almost instantly. “But then… how did you get here, again? Your father- I mean, Phantom- He’s in jail right? Who takes care of you?”


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She saw Bryan looking at his hands, moving around, and watching himself upon her saying that he moved like his father. She knew the feeling. When she had been in fifth grade, one of the bullies had said she moved like the villain Phantom. He'd had no idea that the Phantom was her father. After that, she watched herself, and then watched her father. She could see the similarities in movement, and had wanted to hate herself for being like him in yet another way. It sucked having someone tell you you moved like a super-villain.

Bryan smirked a bit when she told him that he wasn't anything like his father. She had wanted to reassure him that moving or acting like his father didn't mean he was going to end up like his father. It's what she had been telling herself everyday for years. She watched his face carefully as she told him why she was so sure he was his father's son, and saw the denial. However, she also saw how he knew he couldn't convince himself that it wasn't true. The similarities were too many.

The faraway look in his eyes told Nephele that he was being lost in a memory, and she knew that it must be some kind of memory that solidified what she'd said. He grimaced, and sighed after a minute or too. He seemed to have a question, and apparently decided to ask it.

“Let me guess. Sometimes his eyes gone all… silvery, right? And he could be cruel too? You know what, don’t answer that.”

Nephele slightly nodded. Yes, his eyes had been silver. And cruel couldn't even begin to describe it. He seemed to know that too.

“I know. Thanks to you, I’m convinced that my father is a super villain now. Yay.” He said bitterly. Nephele hid her face in her hands. Why did she always seem to ruin her friendships before they began? Now he would hate her, her being the person who had confirmed to him that his father had been a great super-villain.

"I'm sorry,"
she whispered. "You shouldn't have had to know that, and you can hate me for telling you. No one should find out their father is a super-villain, especially not by someone they don't know. I'm sorry."

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have act like that. I know that you have far more burden to uphold.” He said, looking at her apologetically. Now she was just confused. He was sorry? For getting mad at her when she told him his father was a villain? She would have gotten mad. There was nothing to be sorry for to Nephele. Maybe that's just what people do; they feel sorry, so they say so. A voice whispered to Nephele. She hoped so. She was beginning to see that there was a lot she didn't know about people. Bryan frowned, and stopped cracking his knuckles.

“But then… how did you get here, again? Your father- I mean, Phantom- He’s in jail right? Who takes care of you?” He asked. Nephele sighed now.

"Yeah, he's in jail. For a long time hopefully. Right now, I'm living with some foster parents. I'll most likely stay with them till I'm eighteen, and then go live on my own. Same old, same old,"
she said. "My foster parents are...eccentric. I have a pretty n' pink room with lace curtains and white fluffy pillows. Stereotypical girl dream room apparently. They buy me stuff all the time, even things I don't need or sometimes even don't want. They try really hard to make me happy, but they don't know how. They've done this thing before; adopt a troubled teen, make them happy and not troubled, let them go at eighteen. And that's what I am to them; a troubled teen. They don't know my past. They don't know that my father's a super-villain, or anything about what my life was like. Actually, now that I come to think of it, you're probably the first person I've told. Ever," she said.

Sure, her foster parents were really nice, and they did try really hard, but they couldn't understand. And if they did find out who she really was, well, she wouldn't be staying with them any longer. That much she was sure of. No one wanted the child of an infamous super-villain. And no one wanted to be friends with the child of a super-villain either, which was why she had stopped telling people. She still didn't understand why she had told Bryan. Maybe it was because she felt like he might understand? She didn't know.

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Bryan stare at Nephele with a blank face as she told him where and how she lived now. His lips curved to a small smile when the girl explained how eccentric her foster parents were. “Pretty and pink?” He furrowed his eyebrows in a playful manner. “Somehow, I don’t think that’s your style.” Still listening, Bryan stood up and started to walk around the detention room, stroking his index finger on the walls. Talking about their parents past made the young illusionist felt all fidgety. He might be using his powers to create a little illusion if it weren’t for the neutralizer in this room. Venting his anxiety with his powers usually worked pretty well. Either that, or drawing something, preferably Alia’s face. But it could break his concentration too, so Bryan decided to walk around instead. His eyes widened when Nephele called herself as a troubled teen. “Troubled teen? I didn’t think of you that way. I mean, you’re quite together for me, despite what you’ve been through.” The boy leaned on the wall, crossing his hands while smirking.

If anyone could be called as a troubled teen, it was Bryan Loski actually. Being alone from a very young age, the illusionist learned that he could not trust someone so easily. The closest people that he had was his mother and Hillary, then that’s it. That’s the reason why he never really got friends, and why he rather stay invisible. That was until he decided to be a real hero. And a real hero would need a sidekick, someone Bryan could only get by communicating more and socializing. After that, he started to be more friendly and less invisible. So far, it’s been good. He met Alia and got a huge crush on her. And then he met someone with similar past, which was Nephele of course. But with good things, bad things would followed either way. Like overusing his power and got caught, then ended up in detention room. He sighed remembering this small detail. Maybe that’s just how life should be: sometimes you’re on top, and you could roll all the way down. The problem was, would Bryan be able to be on top again, after realizing that his past might be not beautiful in any way?

Nephele’s next sentence pulled Bryan back to reality again. “They don’t know your past? Ah. I see.” Bryan nodded in agreement. Anyone with that complex of a past would never reveal them if they didn’t think it’s so important. Bryan would never do that either, so he understood completely. But this made another question that lingered in his mind. “So did your foster parent know who you really are? I mean, not exactly a normal person? Since we all study in this crazy loony bin called Sky High.” He tried to joke, hopefully would break the stiffness of their previous conversation. But the illusionist asked a serious question afterwards. “But I wonder… do you ever contact your father? And by any chance…” He gulped while staring at his intertwined hands. “…know how to reach Ferdinand? I mean… my father.” Even though he’s a super villain, the guy still Bryan’s father. If he could, he wanted to find him. Ask him about the past, and maybe… convinced him that Bryan and Hillary needed an older father figure in their life.


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Nephele laughed a bit at Bryan's reaction to her description of her room. He continued to listen as she went on, though he moved about the room. Nephele guessed that he was one of those people who just couldn't be still. His father had been like that. Nephele absently thought. Always impatient, never able to sit still. However, he seemed to be surprised at her description of herself.

“Troubled teen? I didn’t think of you that way. I mean, you’re quite together for me, despite what you’ve been through.” he said. Nephele almost laughed. Her, not troubled? Apparently she was a good actress.

"You're the first to have that opinion. Been said so much that it has to be true I guess,"
Nephele said. Ever since her father had been put in jail, she'd been known as 'that child' or 'His child' or, later, 'that troubled girl'. Not once did her neighbors ever call her by her first name. It got to the point to where when the agency found her, she believe she was just 'that troubled girl', and she acted like it too. It was why she had been placed in the foster care system for troubled or mental kids. To have Bryan contradict the theory was shocking. Though, she was finding him to be shocking in a lot of ways. He never really did what she expected, which, to be honest, was for him to be a tiniest bit like his father. However, he had been turning right when she had expected him to turn left on every cross road. It was something she admired, the fact that he wasn't like his father. In a way, it meant that she might not be like her father either.

She shrugged off his comment about them not knowing. It was hard sometimes, especially when having them being extremely nice to her, not to shout out who her father was. Part of her wanted to see the shock on their faces, see the fear and horror and disgust written in their eyes. That was the part that she usually tried to suppress. It was the part most like her father, and she kept it as deep as she could.

“So did your foster parent know who you really are? I
mean, not exactly a normal person? Since we all study in this crazy
loony bin called Sky High.”
Bryan joked. She managed a small smile, thankful for his attempt to break the mood that had settled over the room.

"Yeah, they know I have powers. In fact, it was on their insistence that I came to Sky High. Otherwise I would have still been going to public school. It's why I'm starting Sky High as a sophomore and not a freshman. I went to public school for freshman year," she said.

“But I wonder… do you ever contact your father? And by any chance…” He stared at his hands and gulped. “…know how to reach Ferdinand? I mean… my father.”

...And the joking mood was gone. She looked down. What must his home life be like, if after hearing his father was a murderous villain, he wanted to contact him? Of course, she still wanted to contact her father too...

"Not really...they have him locked up pretty tight. I haven't spoken to him in five years, and they won't even allow cards for birthdays or Christmas,"
she said, getting a little choked up at the end despite herself. Her father was an evil, conniving super-villain who'd robbed, murdered, and tortured people. He'd beaten her as a child, neglected her, and had subjected her to experimentation sessions with a mind controller. Still, there was a part of her that struggled to please him, that thought if she could do something right, maybe he would give her a smile and a hug, and be proud of her. It was that part that tried to visit him every December, every time his birthday came around, or every time her birthday came around. And every time, she would be sent home without seeing him. She should hate him, she knew that, but her emotions continued to love him, to strive to make him proud. She shook herself out of memories and thought back to Bryan's last question.

"Well, I don't think he has a phone number that we could contact, but basically any sum of large money or something of a large value might lure him. Then again, he could always have been taking tabs on you this whole time and be waiting for the right time to approach. You never knew with him. So, no, I really don't know any way to contact him. I'm sorry," she said. And she really was. "Maybe try calling my old house. Who knows? He could be cooped up there," she added.

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((So we could start the new thread quicker. Hope you don't mind. Very Happy))

Yes, Bryan has a talent for being awkward. Even the illusionist himself knew that. Started with a joke but ending a conversation with a serious question afterwards was not a brilliant combination. He made a mental note to never do that again, ever. Bryan felt guilty when he saw Nephele got a little bit choked up after he asked him about contacting her father. “Oh my. I’m sorry for bringing it up, Nephele. I-“ But he paused when he was about to stroke her arms. Awkwardness got the best of him yet again. Muttering under his breath, the boy took a deep breath and just waited until Nephele was ready to talk again. Thankfully, it didn’t took very long. Bryan raised his eyebrows when listening to how he could contact his own father. “A large value?” He stare at the floor with desperation. Typical villain. Where there’s money or job large enough to be done, that’s where they would flock. Just like sugar for ants or honey for bees. Well that’s not going to happen, Bryan thought while shrugging. Even though he got more money now, there’s no way he could attract Ferdinand Loski with the amount that he had. Plus he had nothing of value. At least not expensive enough for his father to come and find him because of it. The most expensive item the illusionist had was his iPod.

As for the second option, Bryan just waved it away. “I don’t think we could reach him by phone either. Because if we can do that… My mom could contact him anytime.” He reminisced back to those days, back when he was such a little boy. Even though Bryan was not old enough to remember details, his imagination and extraordinary brain allowed him to do so. He remembered listening to his mother crying at night, or looking at a picture with tears in her eyes. When things gets tougher, she would murmured some sentences, like, ‘I wish you were here.’ ‘I miss you.’ ‘When will you come back?’ It didn’t took long for the illusionist to understand that she missed her husband. However, the guy never returned. And to be honest, this was the first time Bryan ever heard about Ferdinand Loski from someone else besides his own family.

Even so, Bryan was determined now. He would never gave up on this, on his estranged past now that he came so close. “But I’m sure there will be a way to contact him. We just have to study about him more.” He began to walked around the detention room, stroking his jaw with his chin as he paced a lot faster than before. “Do you have a yearbook somewhere? I mean, your father’s of course. Or should we try the library?” His mind went to full concentration, trying to scan every possibilities that he could do. But afraid that Nephele might gets confused, Bryan paused for a bit and smile at her. “I’m sorry if I got too excited. I mean, it’s my first time to get a clear picture of my dad. It made me curious.” He nodded apologetically. “But what would you do if you have a past like mine? A mysterious one? Would you like to find out?” But before Nephele could answer, the bell rang. Surprised, Bryan looked at his watch and sigh in return. It was the end of a school day after all. A few seconds later, the doors swished opened and the principal glared at them both. “You could go home now, delinquents. Try not to cause trouble again. Though I’m not sure you could do so…” He mumbled annoyingly as he walk away, leaving the door open with Nephele and Bryan still inside.

Biting his lips, Bryan looked back at how this day began. He caused a major trouble and got locked up in this neutral room. But he got to find out about his father, with the help of someone new, Nephele Vaughn. Sure, his father might be a super villain (just like his own), but Nephele was nothing like him. She had been an understanding girl from the very start, answering each and every question that Bryan threw at her. Smiling once more, Bryan lifted his backpack and turned around to face the girl. He got a feeling that they might have further encounters to come. But hopefully good ones from now on. “So. It seems that I have much to do. And I could use your help.” He thought about telling Alia, but he quickly shook his head after. No. Breaking the news that your father was a super villain to a girl with a super hero mom might not be the best thing to do. Bryan should do the recon on his father at his own risk. But luckily he got someone to help him. “I’m sure we will meet again, Nephele.” He firmly shook her hand while nodding. “And hopefully next time, we would not get caught in the detention room.” The boy chuckled. “Now, shall we?” He stepped into the hallway, quickly blurred with his surrounding while avoiding


Bryan speaks in WHITE
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