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It can't get worse, right? ((Bryan Loski))

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1 It can't get worse, right? ((Bryan Loski)) on Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:17 am

Nephele Vaughn rushed towards the cafeteria, hoping to be one of the first ones there. Since it was only her second day, she didn't have any friends yet, though making friends wasn't really her top priority. Friends expected you to tell them everything, and everything meant learning her dad was an infamous super villain. That wasn't going to happen.

Upon entering the cafeteria, Nephele realized that as a Sophmore she had been let out a bit later than others, and most of that seats were filled. Great, she thought, where am I supposed to sit now? She was faced with the same thing most every new student was faced with: the friendless-awkwardness of finding a table to sit at during lunch.

She got in line for lunch, and let the lunch lady slop down whatever they were having that day, already knowing she wouldn't eat it. To make up for that, she grabbed some jello, a can of Hawaiian punch, and a cookie. As she was exiting the line, she spotted a table that was half full. Quickly, she walked over to the table and sat down. The people at the other end of the table didn't seem to notice her, but she was fine with that.

However, just as she was starting to eat, a gruff voice came from behind her.

"That's my seat," She turned and saw a guy, probably a senior, standing there with two or three of his buddies. He was glaring at her, and Nephele turned back around to pick up her tray and leave. As she got up and started walking away, the guy's foot suddenly popped out, and Nephele tripped, her food splattering everywhere. Laughter erupted from the students around them, as well as a few shrieks from those close enough to get splattered with food. Nephele shakily got up, her ears, though hidden by her hair, a bright red. She wasn't completely covered in food, as most of it had splattered against the floor, but her Hawaiian punch had exploded, and had splashed her in bright red juice.

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2 Re: It can't get worse, right? ((Bryan Loski)) on Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:58 am

Lunchtime. Pulling the earphones from his ears, Bryan Loski sighed and stood up. He had been searching for Alia now, but he never got a chance to speak with her. Just like her power, the girl was a wind for him. Sometimes she was around, sometimes she wasn’t. But Bryan can’t hind from the truth that he was missing her… badly. Just like now. It’s recess, but he can’t find her anywhere. So he’s sitting in the hallway instead, hoping to catch a glimpse of her… Until his stomach warned him to get some food. So with that, the illusionist walked slowly towards the cafeteria, ignoring the stare of others that he pass by. Yeah, he get that look from people nowadays. Being invisible for so long, even some seniors didn’t know he was existed in the first place. But somehow, Bryan learn to adapt.

Arriving in that place, Bryan quickly grab a tray and filled it with some of his favorite meal: milk, bread, mashed potato, some vegetables and to top it all off, a strawberry jello and a nice drinking water. But when he heard a loud sound followed by a series of laughter, he instinctively turned around. Bryan’s eyes twitched when he saw the one who’s making trouble: a bully from his class. No, he didn’t remember his power, but he remembered what he done to whoever that wanted to oppose him. And his posse only made things worse. Bryan swiftly grabbed some more food, since he knew what would happen next to the girl that they were picking on…

Then it happened. Food flying, drinks splashing, people laughing even harder… High school could be harsh at some point, and this was one of those time. But Bryan determined to make this girl’s life easier today, especially when he realize that she can’t be senior: she was so tiny and little… probably a sophomore, or maybe a freshman. So he quickly thought of someone with authority: a teacher. And better yet, a killer professor, complete with his oh-so-scary face and a mean glasses. He coughed, and when the bullies take a look at him, their jaw dropped. He widened his eyes dangerously, and just like that: the bullies muttered apologies and leave abruptly towards the exit. Only after the crowd dispersed, Bryan turned back to his real self: a brown-haired boy with a subtle face. Some of the kids was surprised, but they weren’t dumb enough to call the bullies back. So he sat beside the girl instead, and then putting some new food aside. He then help her sit back, and offered her some tissues he took from the lunch lady.

“Here. Just for drying some of the… juice.” But then he frowned. “On second thought, you should clean that. Otherwise the stain won’t come off. But it’s up to you.” Bryan shrugged while eating his bread. Then he pointed the food in front of her: a box of juice, a vegetable platter with a beef stew, and mineral water. “For your lunch. But if you want to exchange with what I have, I don’t mind.” He gave her a reassuring smile. “So what’s your name? I’m Bryan.”


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3 Re: It can't get worse, right? ((Bryan Loski)) on Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:18 pm

Nephele hadn't wanted to look up, in fact, she wanted to disappear like the mist she controlled, but when all went silent in the cafeteria, she just had to see what was going on. One of the teachers stood there, and from the expressions of the seniors, he wasn't a very nice one. In under a few seconds, the bullies had dispersed.

She turned to thank the teacher, but found that the teacher had been replaced by a boy most likely a year older than her or so. She realized that his power must have something to do with illusions or shifting. The boy helped her up, and handed her some tissues. However, she knew it would take more than tissues to clean up everything. The boy obviously thought the same.

“Here. Just for drying some of the… juice.” He said, but then he frowned. “On second thought, you should clean that. Otherwise the stain won’t come off. But it’s up to you."

"Right. Only problem now is what to do in the meantime. I can't really travel home to get new clothes," Nephele sighed. The boy gestured to some water, a vegetable platter with beef stew, and a box of juice.

“For your lunch. But if you want to exchange with what I have, I don’t mind.” Nephele was stunned. He was offering up some of his lunch? For someone he didn't even know?

"Thank you," She said, still shocked. He gave a reassuring smile.

“So what’s your name? I’m Bryan.” The boy, Bryan, said. She got a better look at him, his brown hair, roundish face, thoughtful look, and something nagged at the back of her mind. It felt like she'd seen him before... but no, it couldn't be. This was only her first week at Sky High. She pushed the thought aside for a moment, and remembered that he'd asked her a question.

"I'm Nephele, Nephele Vaughn,"
She said, tucking a piece of silvery hair behind her ear. She had almost hesitated to give her last name, as she didn't know how knew her dad's identity, but she gave it anyways. She might as well be honest.

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4 Re: It can't get worse, right? ((Bryan Loski)) on Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:42 am

Bryan Loski bit his upper lips out of guilt upon listening to the girl’s response about her clothes. Yes, a change of attire would be better. But sadly Bryan did wear or bring anything else except his jacket and his backpack that only consists of several books. So all he could do was scratching his head awkwardly while the girl tried to clean her outfit. Bryan opened his mouth for a few times, but decided to stay quiet. He didn’t want to confuse the girl even more. She just avoided one of the most notorious bullies around here.

The thing about bullies in Sky High: They are almost always from Hero class. Meaning, they would have special powers, and felt higher than everybody else. So in a way, they were not so easy to be defeated. Bryan was lucky. He was thinking clearly and fast too, so he and the girl could avoid any unpleasantness. But still, they could come back and realized they’ve been fooled by none other than the invisible kid… Bryan had to shook his head several time to diminish that thought. For now, he just had to be cautious. That’s it.

His thoughts were wipe clean when the girl said thank you. “Oh! Haha. You’re welcome.” He smirked as a response. This gave Brian the chance to examine the girl from head to toe. Her hair was startingly gleaming, and her face gave out some kind of shy aura… But the illusionist then decided to ask one of the most crucial question anyone should ask. It might sound discriminative, but he wanted to ask it anyway. So, after she introduced herself as Nephele Vaughn, Bryan nodded and ask it straight to the point. “Sorry if I’m being blunt here, but… Hero or Hero Support?” He didn’t like the term ‘sidekick’, unlike many others that might say it or even agree to it. It was too demeaning.

But then Nephele’s last name light something in Bryan’s mind. Vaughn? Where have he heard that name before? He remembered it vaguely, but Bryan knew where he heard that name: in the History class. When he met Alia for the first time. It was pretty uncommon last name. But instead of asking what was floating in his head, Bryan smiled and waited for the answer to his first question. He didn’t want to smother this girl with unnecessary sentences. She just survived from being bullied, after all. So while drinking his milk, Bryan occasionally glanced towards Nephele, only to hear what she had to say about his question.


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6 Re: It can't get worse, right? ((Bryan Loski)) on Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:43 pm

Nephele knew that the question had to come up eventually, but she just didn't think it would be the first thing he asked. After all, he'd just saved her from what she supposed were some pretty bad bullies. Nephele sighed and looked at her food for a moment, then said a bit gloomily,

"It's ok, I'm Hero. You can be seen talking to me." With that she picked a bit more at her food, her appetite suddenly gone. At least he'd used 'hero support' instead of 'sidekick', she thought, trying very hard to not judge him. Her eyes looked up and down the boy again, and that nagging thought in her head grew stronger. She knew that she'd seen him before...but where? She searched vainly through her memories, but nothing came to mind. But the way he moved, it was so familiar? Where had she seen that before? Again, nothing came up as she tried to put a time to the memories. Sighing, she gave up for the moment.

She glanced around, selfconsciously making sure that the bullies were gone. She couldn't locate them in the cafeteria, so she assumed she was safe for the moment. She turned back to Brian, trying to think up some way for a conversation. Since he had seemingly decided to be blunt, Nephele decided to ask another question students dread.

"So, who's your parents?" she asked, wondering what amazing legacies his family might have. Seemed that everyone here had one parent who was this amazing super hero, if not both. She awaited his response, picking at her food again.

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As soon as he heard Nephele’s answer, Bryan Loski regretted his actions on asking the girl’s status. He didn’t mean it to be that way: to ask her class so he could make fun of her afterwards. The illusionist quickly apologized. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way, it’s just… It makes me easier to understand your situation. I hope you won’t get offended.” True, in high school, status is everything. And believe it or not, even someone from hero class can be bullied too. Bryan knew a handful of heroes that had been pounded, crushed, flushed, even torn apart literally by those vicious kids. Sure, the poor kid who’ve been torn can attached his limbs again, but still… If bullies in normal school was inhuman, these bullies were worse.

When Nephele looked around, Bryan instinctively followed her sights. No, no bullies… yet. If Bryan knew better, those guys would eventually realized that they had been duped by some kid who was invisible for several years, and might come back with a revenge bigger than the school itself. But for now, there were no sign of them. With that, Bryan nudged her lightly and said, “The coast is clear for now. We can eat in peace.” Then gave her a small smirk.

But then she decided to surprise Bryan by asking him who his parent was. Now, unlike most people in Sky High, he didn’t knew much about his legacy. Bryan was sure enough that it has something to do with people’s mind, since his sister Hillary and him has similar power, but different perspective. While Hillary could read mind, Bryan could manipulate it. But he hadn’t got the time to do research on his powers, and more importantly… his father. Not only it was a sensitive topic, but Bryan knew that Sky High was an old school. He had been hiding in the library when he was a freshman, and wow. The shelves there were unbelievably high and so many. So, Bryan answered it as best as he could do: by saying that he knew nothing. “Well, I have a mother. But I knew she was not the one with power. My father was the strong one in the family, but he…” He winced for a moment. “He left. Leaving me, my sister, and my mother alone. We never thought that it would continue, but… Hillary showed some signs of power when she was…12? 13 years old? I forgot. Maybe you know her? Hillary Loski?” Bryan’s sister was a popular kid when she was in school. Being able to read people’s mind, she could found out what others like or didn’t like, making her likable in any kind of situation. Nephele might have heard of Hillary, but Bryan decided to let that be just a thought. He didn’t want to brag anyway. But this made him curious of something, and it was what Bryan asked to Nephele afterwards. “What about you? Who is your parent?”


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She felt a little more positive towards Bryan when he stammered an apology and explained. "It's ok," she said, smiling a little. She now knew a bit more to why he had asked, and knew that it was to see why they were bullying her. However, with her it was only because she was new, even though she was a sophomore. Bryan had noticed her scanning the room, and she saw him scanning as well. Neither it seemed wanted to be caught unaware by another approaching bully. For the moment, it seemed that they were safe. Bryan thought so too, as he turned to Nephele and nudged her lightly.

“The coast is clear for now. We can eat in peace.” he said, smirking a bit. Nephele smiled a small smile back, and took a bite of her food as she watched her question sink in with Byran. He seemed a little surprised by the question, and it was a few moments before he finally answered. Nephele didn't know if that was a good sign or a bad sign.

“Well, I have a mother. But I knew she was not the one with power. My father was the strong one in the family, but he…” Bryan paused for a moment, and winced.“He left. Leaving me, my sister, and my mother alone. We never thought that it would continue, but… Hillary showed some signs of power when she was…12? 13 years old? I forgot. Maybe you know her? Hillary Loski?” he asked.

Nephele thought it a bit ironic that their situations had almost been reversed, except for the fact that she ended loosing both parents, instead of just one. Nephele knew that saying 'I'm sorry' would do nothing for him, and she was sure that he had heard it a million times. A small memory began to tug at her brain, slowly forming. However, it was interrupted by his asking if she knew his sister. The idea almost made her snort.

"I won't say I'm sorry for your loss and all that crap, because I know what it's like to loose a parent, and I know that never helps. And, no, I don't know your sister. I'm actually new here this year, so I really don't know anybody," Nephele said. Then, Bryan returned the question. Upon asking him, she hadn't realized that he would most likely return the question. That plan backfired. She thought, but knew she had to answer...well, to some extent at least.

"My mother died when I was young, so I really have no memory of her. She didn't have powers, as it was my dad who had them as well. And um," Nephele said, not sure if she should drop the whole my-dad-is-a-super-villain bomb just yet. She opened her mouth to go ahead and tell him, but suddenly a memory came to mind. She's sitting in the living room, playing with a beat up old car toy. Her father walks into the room, and she cringes back towards the wall. He wasn't there to yell at her though, as he had someone over. Bryan walked into the room. No, not Bryan, Nephele thought. An older version of Bryan. The two adults began to converse about a robbery they were going to execute later that night. Nephele gasped out loud.

"That's how I know you!" she exclaimed, but abruptly clasped her hand over her mouth. Bryan had just admitted that he didn't know who his father was. Who was she to tell him that his father was a super villain?

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When Nephele snorted when Bryan asked about his sister, the illusionist laughed in return. Apparently the girl was a new student this year, and didn’t know a thing about the famous Hillary Loski. Bryan was actually glad that Nephele didn’t recognize his sister. Furthermore, he nodded in a agreement while listening to the girl explaining why she wouldn’t say sorry to his situation. “Well, it’s been with me for my entire life. That story about my father leaving me and my family, I mean. Especially my mom… she took it pretty hard.” Bryan never get any kind of sympathy from anyone before, except Alia, maybe. But that was an exception. He would gladly accept them, but what Nephele said was true as well. Saying it repeatedly won’t do anyone any good; as a matter of fact, it could make things worse. “Haha, true. It won’t do any good, would it? After all, it was happened in the past.” He raised his eyebrows. “Oh. A freshman? Well then, welcome to Sky High.” Bryan knocked his milk carton to Nephele’s drink and briefly tilted his head while smirking.

He then listened carefully to Nephele’s story, since he asked about it. But after the part where she told Bryan that her dad was the one with power as well, Nephele paused, as if she was suddenly thought of something. Bryan frowned, confused as how to react to this, when Nephele abruptly shrieked. Bryan was shocked, without a doubt… with jaw dropped and all. “What? Who? Where? When did you meet me?” But sadly, Bryan would have to wait for the answer. Before Nephele could even open her mouth, the cafeteria door blasted open. Everyone quickly search for that door, only to find a bunch of bullies, and an especially steamed one on the center. Bryan eyes widened when he realized who that was: the one that he duped by manipulating him into believing that Bryan was a teacher. So he figured it out after all.

His tiny yet angry eyes quickly sets on Bryan. “YOU!” Bryan instinctively stepped in front of Nephele to protect her, in case she would be collateral damage, but the bully seemed to be interested in the illusionist alone. His stubby hand yanked Bryan’s collar and lifted him a few centimeters from the ground. The victim could only gritted his teeth and ignore the pain on his collar bone that gradually seeping in. “The invisible man.” The bully sneered while grinning evilly towards Bryan. “How dare you, to even pull a stunt like that TO ME!”.

Bryan was breathing heavily. He didn’t want any more trouble, but he didn’t want to look weak as well. That ship had sailed. Bryan would no longer be bullied by anyone, especially not this particular jerk. “Just… walk away, man.” He whispered with a tired tone. “Walk away now and I might let you live. With your dignity still intact.” Of course, the bully didn’t take Bryan’s sentence to heart, for he suddenly banged the boy to the floor, resulting in gasps from everybody else and muffled scream from Bryan himself. He didn’t hear Nephele said anything, but it might be because of the ringing on his ears that won’t subside, even after he stood up. He never felt this furious in such a long time. The last time it happened… Let’s just say it involved mental institution and hours of therapy. Not for Bryan of course… for the poor, poor kid who bugged him.

Then he heard the sounds of faint laughter, which made Bryan rolled his eyes. Oh sure. When someone was bullied, everyone would be either too scared or too tickled by the fact. Patting his trousers, Bryan stared at the bully straight in the eyes. “Back off, buff. Go away.” But that buff boy snickered instead. His index finger moved in a teasing manner, inviting Bryan to come forward. Eventually the crowd started to chant “Fight! Fight! FIGHT!” And just to make things worse, some kids pushed Bryan around, so he could get closer to the bully. He tried to resist, but it was no use. Everyone kept pushing and pushing and pushing until-

SMACK. Bryan fell to the floor once more, but this time with a bruise on his cheek. That was it. THAT WAS IT!The illusionist can’t contain his anger anymore. Standing up slowly, he barely heard the crowd cheered and the bully yelled, “Oh you want some more? Come at me, you-“ But the wind howled afterwards. At least, that’s what Bryan let him thinks. His manipulation was so big and wide, the entire cafeteria went silent just so they can grasp what was going on. As the crowd got more confused, Bryan’s imagination gone more wild. Windows were rattling, doors opened and slammed shut in a matter of seconds, making everyone ducked and exclaimed loudly. Of course, none of it were real. But if Bryan was angry, his illusion would become more believable… more alive. As he walked closer to the bully who was curled up on the floor now, his illusion grew more violent. People felt like they were pushed around by winds, and just when they were about to go out, the roof cracked open and flew. People saw and felt what Bryan wanted them to see and feel, so there it was: even though the tables and other solid items were not flying or even moving in anyway, everyone was screaming their hearts out… especially the bullies. All of them were crawling now, with their scared eyes fixated at the illusionist, who was strangely feeling that he was having the time of his life.

Bryan didn’t realize that his eyes started to change colors. His dark eyes shifted to silver, and when it was complete, everyone felt like they were really in a tornado. The entire cafeteria were crawling on their stomach, screaming and pleading for help, while the illusionist stared down at the ones that was bullying him. “You deserve to die, you know.” Even his own voice wasn’t like anything Bryan ever heard before. Where did that sound come from? But the feeling was too intoxicating to ignore. So instead of stopping, Bryan escalate the illusion he just created: by imagining the school shot to the eye of the tornado. The shouts multiplied, the people gone even crazier… some even fainted. Just when Bryan was about to make his victims insane, a thought nagged in his head, followed by the image of Alia.

This wasn’t you. Stop it.

And just like that, the manipulation subside. Everyone gradually stood up, still murmuring about what happened, and occasionally glanced towards the boy. Bryan had to blink a couple times to dissipate that silvery sights. Did he just… lose control? But tried not to think about it too much, Bryan looked back at the bullies, who were still glaring at him with terrified eyes. He was about to say sorry and bug off, but the leader squealed, “You are just a villain in the making! STAY AWAY! I will make sure that the principal would know about this!” And with that, the bullies ran away, followed by the entire cafeteria towards the exit. Soon, there was only him… and Nephele. Bryan didn’t know what to say. He sat down on one of the empty chairs, and then slumped forward. “I… I’m sorry. That’s… rarely happen to me before. I just hate bullies, you know?” But then he realized how lame that sentence was. Nephele probably scared out of her mind by looking at Bryan now. Shaking out of control, the illusionist cupped his hands on his face. “I… if you want to go, I’ll understand. I’m… dangerous. It could get worse if you… stick around.”


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10 Re: It can't get worse, right? ((Bryan Loski)) on Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:36 pm

She winced a little at Bryan assuming she was a Freshman. Yes, she was small for her age, but not that small!...Right?

"I'm actually a sophomore, and I just started going to Sky High because of,"
she said, not really sure how to end that. She still didn't know if she wanted to get into her background. Especially if it meant revealing who Bryan's father was. She didn't want to crush any dreams he might have about his father being some amazing guy. Then again, judging from what he'd told her, he didn't seem to hold his father in a high opinion.

“What? Who? Where? When did you meet me?” Bryan asked, his jaw hanging open from her outburst. Nephele guessed she would have to take a risk and tell him, but before she could even begin to breach the topic, the cafeteria doors flew open with a bang, and all seemed to fall deathly silent. The bully who had tripped Nephele stood there, along with double the guys he had been with earlier. And boy did he look livid. He shouted out at Bryan as Bryan moved as if to protect Nephele. That startled her more than anything. However, before she could fully register what was going on the bully had lifted Bryan up a few inches off the ground by his shirt, yelling at him even more. Not thinking, Nephele's senses went on overdrive, trying to locate some source of steam, smoke, or mist. Something in the kitchen was burning, and Nepehele called the smoke to her. It swirled through the air, coming straight towards her.

Upon the bully throwing Bryan down to the ground, Nephele almost lost it. In fact, her mist swirled around her in an angry tornado, causing a few people to whisper and point. But she didn't do anything, not yet. The crowd, motivated by Bryan getting up, began to chant and pushed Bryan forward until the bully smacked him down on the ground again. Her mist shot forward, not necessarily aiming for the main bully, but for what seemed like the bully's right hand man. The mist blinded him, swirling around his face and causing him to fall flat. However, by then Bryan had gotten up, and the look on his face was murderous. A warning bell shot off in Nephele's head. The bully began to taunt him some more, and then---

And then Bryan lost it. His powers, what Nephele assumed to be illusions, took control. The cafeteria seemed to explode into wind and flying objects. Screams split the air, and the bullies crumpled to the ground in fear. Nephele knew that it was all an illusion, although her senses were trying to tell her otherwise. Her father, often doing business with Bryan's father, had trained her to recognize when something was real and when something wasn't. Bryan's father had helped, using his mind control powers to make her try and fight him. Her father had called them 'sessions'. Now, looking up at Bryan and his silver eyes, all of those memories came rushing back. Everything she had been trying to block out for so long came tearing through her mind, sending a jolt through her.

“You deserve to die, you know.” Bryan said, his voice no longer his own. The voice sent violent shivers down Nephele's spine, as it was his father's. The vision escalated, and students began to literally faint with fear. Nephele, tears streaming down her face, looked up at Bryan.

"Bryan, stop! Please!" she screamed, her whole body shaking. Sure, the illusion scared her, but it was Bryan who terrified her the most. Standing there, surveying his work while others screamed in fear around him...he was the exact image of his father. Suddenly, whether it was her or some other thought that entered Bryan's mind, the illusion died down, and faded from the senses of the students. Still, Nephele laid there on the ground, shudders wracking her whole body. She stayed on the ground, hearing the bully's threats and listening until everyone but the two of them were left in the cafeteria. Bryan staggered to a chair, shaking himself. He probably had no idea what had just overcame him.

That’s… rarely happen to me before. I just hate bullies, you know?” His sentence only confirmed what she thought. However, it still didn't shake the image of Bryan standing exactly like his father, nor the memories of the many sessions with his father. I probably saw more of Bryan's father than he did. Nephele suddenly thought.

“I… if you want to go, I’ll understand. I’m… dangerous. It could get worse if you… stick around.”

Nephele shakily got to her feet and took the seat right next to Bryan. Her face was still stained with tears, a few convulsions still racked her body, and she was sure she looked a sight having been on the floor during most of that ordeal, but in spite of that she managed a small smile.

"It's ok. I understand what it's like to loose control of your powers. And I of all people should know about being with danger," she said, taking a deep breath. "I wasn't going to bring this up, but given the circumstances... well, my father was a super villain. In fact, you might have been one of the people who breathed a sigh of relief when he was finally put behind bars a few years ago. Of course, you would know him as the Phantom."

She let him digest that for a moment, and then continued. "And there's something else too. You see my father, for a lot of his career, worked with another super villain. They were I guess what you'd call friends. This man was there for most of my childhood, and the thought that he had a family never crossed my mind, that is, until I met you. His name was Ferdinand, and he could control minds. I would know. I often did training sessions with him. I wasn't completely sure that you were his son until, until, until just a few minutes ago," she said, trying to repress another shudder. "But," she hurried on, "I don't want you to think that I'm going to stay away from you or tell anyone else about this. I swear to it." she said, hoping that he didn't think she was judging him.

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11 Re: It can't get worse, right? ((Bryan Loski)) on Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:28 pm

Before that cursed bully decided to ruin everyone’s day, Bryan Loski was fine. Sure, he missed Alia Lornell and wished that they could meet again after exchanging such a long conversation before, but he was content. The illusionist had accept the fact that he had to be sociable, if he wanted to continue on this superhero path. That’s why he decided to help this poor sophomore from getting bullied. Sadly, that turned out to be the biggest mistake a Bryan Loski could make in his entire pathetic 17 years of living.

Oh no, he didn’t regret making that decision to cover for Nephele. He didn’t regret on scaring the bullies out of their pants either. But what he didn’t want to do was to scare the entire cafeteria, for a illusion he didn’t prepare before. All Bryan could think of was the most effective way to frightened the meanies, but he forgot to control his powers: something that he had done just once before this incident occurred. Strangely, when he started to lose his control, his anger and desperation grew even more violent. He wanted them to be punshed to the maximum. Even worse… Bryan Loski wanted them dead. Only after his power was calmed, he realized how twisted and saddistic his thoughts were.

And that was why Bryan can’t see Nephele’s action on flicking the other bully with a mist. He definitely didn’t hear her shouts, that she begged for Bryan to stop. When he finally got a grip of his own mind again, Bryan realized what he just did to Nephele: he might just threatened her life. The girl he just met, the girl he protected… and she could be dead by now if Bryan didn’t remember Alia’s face so suddenly and managed to tone his power down. Now he was sitting while wiping his own face, staring the floor when Nephele sat next to him and decided to break the even worst news: something about his dad.

His eyes gone wide hearing what Nephele had to say about her times with her own father and Bryan’s, who’s named Ferdinand. Bryan could only be shocked about this fact, since he never heard his mom even mentioned that name. The illusionist only called that man as Dad, never anything else. And if his mom needed to talk about him, she would refer to him as ‘your dad’ or ‘the man that raised you’, nothing else. No names, no nicks… just gestures and such. So Bryan was a bit shock when he finally heard that word: the name of his father. “What? He gave you sessions?” He couldn’t believe his ears while hearing that horrible suggestion. No, it was not a suggestion. It was the truth. Forcing his powers so Nephele could sustain it… it was not even human! But then he moved back to the sentences before talking about his father: Phantom. Bryan gritted his teeth while pressing the sides of his head, so he could just remember where did he heard that name…

Just when Nephele tried to tell Bryan that she would never stay away or tell anyone, Bryan quickly realized where he heard that name. Phantom was one of the most notorious villain in the history… and that was where Bryan learned his name: the history class. He was about to say that he was grateful and glad that Nephele decided to be friendly even though Bryan basically dangered her life, but then… fate barged in and intervene. The doors swung open, and two people-the principal and that sickening bully- was walking towards both Bryan and Nephele. The principal tilted his head and adjusting his glasses in disgust. “So, this is the troublemaker.” He stated with the most boring tone Bryan ever heard, and the bully nodded rapidly in respond. “Well then. Detention room…” He shifted his sights towards Nephele. “…to both of you, if you’re in this together, Ms…”

Once again, Bryan instinctively moved in front of Nephele. His stare was firm towards the principal. “I do all of it by myself, sir. Nephele didn’t have anything to do with it. So if you please, escort me to the detention room and me alone. Leave Nephele out of this.” He secretly glanced to the girl, hoping that she would never say what exactly happened before. And that the bully would not realize it and spill the bean. It was mostly his fault, after all.


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12 Re: It can't get worse, right? ((Bryan Loski)) on Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:12 am

Nephele saw the shock on Bryan's face as she described his father and her father. She saw his eyes open wide upon hearing his father's name. Wow, Nephele thought, he didn't even know his name? Whoever his mother was, Nephele was glad for her. If she was able to live with that man and then not even tell her children his name, well, that was a feat. You would think she would want her children to hate him.

However, Bryan seemed even more shocked and appalled when Nephele mentioned the 'sessions' she'd had growing up. She was even really surprised at herself for mentioning them---her father and Bryan's father were the only other ones that knew. She hadn't told anyone else, lest they send her to a crazy house or something. Most of her childhood was a great secret and mystery to everyone that hadn't been in it. When being asked at a counseling lesson, after her dad had been arrested, if she felt secure enough to tell the counselor about her childhood, she had answered him by saying that her childhood was normal as could be. She hadn't wanted anyone to know about the horrors she'd experienced; it would be too much like living through them again. So why she had told Bryan a part of her that had been kept secret for years she didn't know. Maybe it was the fact that he didn't seem to be like his father personality wise, and that made him seem trustworthy in her eyes? She didn't know, but she didn't want to dwell on it any longer.

It seemed though, that she wouldn't have to. The cafeteria doors banged open once more, again revealing the bully though this time with a slightly different crew; this time, the principal accompanied him. Anger coursed through Nephele. She had gone through an experience like this enough times to know what was going to happen next.

“So, this is the troublemaker.”
the principal stated looking at Bryan, and that blasted bully nodded his head. “Well then. Detention room…” He glanced over at Nephele, who was promptly glaring at him. “…to both of you, if you’re in this together, Ms…”

Not once in her life had she ever purposely given her name to strike fear or apprehension into someone's heart; now she didn't even blink at it. "Nephele. Nephele Vaughn." She knew that he would know her dad's secret identity. By the looks of it, he most likely had been through high-school with him. And she willingly used this knowledge. She was going to go to detention, and she wanted too. It meant talking to Bryan without having to whisper through class, and it also meant doing something to get under her foster parents' skin. Though, it seemed that Bryan had other plans.

“I do all of it by myself, sir. Nephele didn’t have
anything to do with it. So if you please, escort me to the detention
room and me alone. Leave Nephele out of this.”
Bryan said, moving a bit in front of her. He shot her a glance that said 'Go along', but there was no way that was gonna happen. And, it seemed her prediction was right; the principal had known her father. He went white at the very mention of her name, and then got very, very red. She almost smirked. Almost.

"Actually, I did use my powers. I blinded one of his friends," Nephele said, her voice sounding as if she were discussing the latest fashion or a new movie; not in the least as if she were talking about blinding someone. The principal, in answer, looked to the bully for confirmation. Enraged, the bully looked like he would murder her.

"That was you?!"
He exclaimed. She simply nodded, and the principal grabbed both her and Bryan's arms.

"Alright, that's it. You two are coming with me,"
he said, and began to drag the two of the towards the detention room.

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