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The Thing That Started It All...((Bryan Loski))

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Miranda HATED being a Sidekick because of all the Hero’s that thought they were better than her because of their powers and her parents were not happy at all when they found out, They thought it was a mistake that she became a Sidekick but Miranda would soon show them her potential. Miranda walked out of the classroom and began to walk to the Cafeteria wearing some jeans and a dark red T-shirt with a black leather jacket, The Cafeteria was a time for her to relax and enjoy the air of the school and kitchen before she became a Sidekick.

Life had to get better than the one she was living at School because the world was just a big piece of nothing that would soon be gone so what was the point of life? The point of living? There was a reason to all of it but Miranda just couldn’t figure it out for some reason. The Cafeteria…The place where the wildest world dreams came true but for some reason this Cafeteria was different but then it struck her HAH! The reason is they all have powers She said to herself quietly before walking to a table with only two chairs pushing on away to another table to make sure no one would sit with her.

Miranda knew that someone would at least try to sit with her because she was so popular! Like not. Everyone hated her even though her Parents were Hero’s, she felt isolated in her own life wanting to escape her own body but of course she couldn’t but she had heard of things where killing could make everything better and by that it meant killing herself but she had so much to live for and so much she could do and accomplish but this “accomplishment” of being a Sidekick, Supposedly she wasn’t good enough to become a Hero because of her powers but the thing she did to the Coach should have caused permanent damage of fear but that meant he had a heart of pure cold that didn’t deserve to love or to care about anyone except himself.

Miranda also hated the staff of Sky High because all they would do is say “Try not to use your powers in school!” or “Don’t do this! Don’t do that!” They would tell her but all she would be thinking in her mind would be just shut the hell up already. Miranda looked at her food and pushed it to the side before picking up her soda and taking a sip out of it before looking around pretending to stretch by putting her leg out between the tables hoping to get a laugh by watching someone trip over her leg or something.

Though she had a feeling that this person she was about to meet and be trouble so she began to slowly pull her leg back in pretending to stretch again closing her eyes when she heard a crash and yell then all she could think in her mind was uh oh. This couldn’t happen again like from Elementary school where she accidentally pushed someone and someone ended up with a black eye and she ended up getting kicked out of the school.

Miranda really didn’t mind if she was kicked out because she actually wanted to be kicked out and be normal like everybody else but normal was impossible where she was from because power was everything but not like other High Schools where money was everything and Miranda had that but she didn’t like to show it, She liked being a rebel. Miranda looked down at the person slowly opening her eyes to see that it was a guy she tripped that had to be younger than her. Miranda smiled "Well...Looks like someone had a little accident." She said laughing.

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When the bell finally rang, Bryan Loski's feelings were not that enthusiastic. He was in the art class, and when he just getting some muse for his canvas, the lunch break decided to chime in. Frustrated, he flicked his brush, and totally ignoring the teacher that was reminding their homework, Bryan stomped his way out with his abilities intact, making him invisible while pushing through the bottleneck crowd at the class door, leaving many confused students behind.

After Bryan stepped into the cafeteria, he sighed at let his ability vanished for awhile. He suddenly reappeared, making some of the student and teacher gasped, complete with his raggy outfit and shabby backpack. Bryan already combed his hair this morning, but because he was a little bit upset earlier in art class, it was messy again now. A result from running his fingers repeatedly through that dirty brown hair. But before his mood get the best of him, Bryan decided to breath slowly. No, this was not his plan for the present year. If he wanted to go down the superhero path, he had to be friendly. Easily accessible. Polite and most of all, clean. So, with that change in mind, Bryan Loski grabbed his tray for lunch. While taking his meal course, he tried to smile towards everyone that met with his eyes, even the lunch lady.

But sadly, that didn't work so well. Some of them gave him a confused look, but most just shot a scared stare. Well, remembering his sorting day, Bryan's power could be considered pretty big. He can manipulate anyone to thinking what he wanted them to think. He can make their sense taste sweet when it's actually bitter, hot when it's cold in reality, creating a breezy sunset when it was actually chaotic. A full manipulation of the brain. But even though Bryan knew he could do it, he never actually practice that big of a scheme to anyone. He didn't see the point. Furthermore, his brain might actually exploded later. So all he can do now was just accepting the fact that none of the kids wanted to be friends with him. At least, not the new ones. Or the ones Bryan never met yet.

However, his thoughts were broken before he could think of anything else, since he suddenly trampled and spilled his lunch to the nearest students that sat there. The girls were screaming, and the boys, after seeing who did it, cracked their knuckles to beat the crap out of Bryan. Quickly, he wished that he was invisible. Thankfully, that worked. The boys were just turning their heads with stupid look on their face, while the girls were shouting, "But he was there!" After a couple of minutes, things finally calmed down. That posse decided to disperse towards the toilet, while grumbling and cursing on their outfits. Gulping from disbelief, Bryan swiftly turned to the annoying girl who deliberately stuck out her leg. After reappearing, he sat beside her. Fire of anger danced in his eyes. "What was that about? Have I ever done anything wrong to you!?" Bryan wanted to grab a mirror, so she could see that he made an illusion of a headless version of her. But he held his power. Bryan wanted an explanation first, and he want it fast. He furiously tapped his feet, anxiously waiting for the girl's answer.


Bryan speaks in WHITE
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