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Student Powers

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1 Student Powers on Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:58 am

Group of students and their powers. Please don't take powers that are already taken when making a new char.


Isabelle Frost - She can move/reach through any solid objects and she can make certain parts of her body more solid in order to break solid things that should be beyond her reach.

Bryan Loski - Mind-manipulation. He can make his victims see what he wanted them to see: whether it’s just a small item or a large scale event, Bryan can do it all. But if the scheme goes bigger and involves more people and more senses to be manipulated, he would suffer a killer migraine afterwards.

Thomas Ellis - Sonikinesis. Basically, Thomas has complete and total control over sound, including shockwaves. Usually, however, he mainly uses it as a soundboard, taking a sound, editing the frequency and bass, and telling it where to go for a directional sonic shockwave. He is even able to silence people he thinks are talking too much, simply by deadening the sound from their mouths into nonexistence.

Jason Sousa - Can control water. He can pull water from any nearby source and can use the water as a weapon or a force to move objects. He can also shape water into any shape he might need and grasp it.

Ally Carter - able to freeze any type of liquid (moisture in the air, a glass of water, rain, ect.) depending on how much water in on the surface (or in the air) or a thing or person is how much she can turn it into ice.

Alia Lornell - Has the power to manipulate the winds, and she can control them. One of her largest powers is the ability to create a small tornado. She can also create strong gusts of wind.

Miranda Noron - She has the powers of a telepath, which can include "pushing" thoughts, feelings, or hallucinatory visions.

Ashton Stark - has the power to manipulate time, but not stop it. He uses his power, mostly, to slow things down while he is still at a normal speed. Alongside that, he can make himself go slower that the surrounding world.

Reagan Valentin - Umbrakinesis; the power of controlling darkness with the mind. He can make dark objects solid for combat and with a lot of strain, he can make himself into pure, dark energy. In some instances, umbrakinesis can be used to create tension and illusions based on people's fears, but to do so takes a lot of negative energy.

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