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Power Placement: Sidekick or Hero? ((All must post in here!!))

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In this thread you'll post an RP example of your character when he/she first entered school. You'll be showing your power in front of the rest of your class. For a lot of people, this will be set in the past, but it's still mandatory. After posting the Admins will sort you in either Hero or Sidekick groups.

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Thomas looked at the teacher. Give him my best shot, huh? I’ll give it to him. Thomas backed away, and pulled his guitar off of his back, swinging it forward, holding it in front of him. He started off with basic shots. “PULL!” He shouted. Clay pigeons were fired into the air, and Thomas jabbed his hand toward the pigeon, snapping his fingers. A virtual bullet of sound was shot at the clay bird, shattering it.. Five more birds were shot, and Thomas played notes on the guitar. As of this point in time, they weren’t exactly pleasant sounding notes, as he had yet to be able to play guitar with skill, but him firing shots of sound down the neck of the guitar, pegging each of the clay discs couldn’t be denied. Dummies popped up, swinging weapons. Thomas vaulted over one, holding on by the dummy’s neck. Twisting, Thomas snapped the dummy’s neck, and flung it in front of him as he landed, the noise of the fall making another shockwave that blasted the other 6 dummies off their bases. Thomas turned to the instructor, snapping his fingers as he did so. He held a ball of sonic energy in his hand, his hand almost shaking with power. "Good enough?"

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"Okay, next!" The teacher narrowed his eyes when he called the next student. But it suddenly widened when he saw the name written there. "Bryce... Bryan Loski!"

When he heard the teacher called his name, Bryan winced. Thankfully, he was among the new students now. Nobody will know who his sister was, and nobody will care. But the teacher probably knew Hillary Loski, since he quickly grinned with proud when Bryan took the stage with an awkward walk. After he glanced at the student and saw them rolling their eyes, the teacher cleared his throat, then stare at Bryan with his almost serious face. Though Bryan still could see his eyes sparkled with pride. "Okay, Bryan. Show me what you got! What do you need? A target? A car? Just say what, and I'll pop them open for you!"

"No-no-no!" Bryan waved his hand dismissively in a hurry. He let out an awkward smile afterwards. "No target needed. No heavy artillery whatsoever. Please, sir. Just... I'll just talk. Is that okay?" When he saw the gym teacher shrugged, Bryan let out a sigh of relief. But when everybody else were waiting, he was perplexed for a moment. He never manipulate a crowd larger than 3 people. To have ability on manipulating people's mind was a large burden. The brain itself connected to various nerves, including sighting, hearing, tasting... the whole enchilada of senses. If Bryan was required to use it only to one person, he might ace this test with flying colors. But to use it to convince the entire freshman class... That's a bit hard.

After spending quite a few seconds to think, apparently the teacher was out of patience. He coughed as a sign for Bryan to show everyone what his talent was. Deciding that he would only manipulate some senses of everyone's mind, he nodded, to tell the teacher that he's ready now. Clearing his throat, Bryan asked the class a very simple question. "What was your favorite holiday of the year?" His sentence was replied with a dead silence. To make it more believable, Bryan tried to smile confidently. "Come on now, don't be shy. I could make it happen for you all. Just say what it is."

Finally, a lanky boy shouted his answer. "Summer!" It was followed by an excited murmurs from everyone. Trying to hide his proud smirk, Bryan nodded thoughtfully while putting his right hand on the chin. A usual pose for thinking. But in actuality, he was just picturing something from his first (and last) vacation with his family. Somewhere at the calm beach of Florida. "Hmm. Summer. Like, at the beach, right?" As he stepped down, the walls behind him melted, resulting gasps from everybody in the gym. The walls was replaced with a brilliant blue sky, and the students could see sands beneath their shoes. "But there's something wrong." Bryan continued, taking another step down the stage. "Beach is not complete without a sunset, isn't it?"

And suddenly, the sky turned to orange, complete with a circular sun and a glinting ocean. Some of the girls were squealing with delight, and the boys were rubbing his hand impatiently. They could even heard seagulls chirping somewhere, while listening to the ocean waves softly crushed in the sands and the flutters of palm trees. While concentrating, Bryan crossed his checklist. Sights, touch, hearings. That's it. It would be done by now. Bryan Loski already proved his powers to the entire class.

But before he could talk to the teacher, that man suddenly screamed "CANNON BALL!", threw all of his outfits in the air, and charged for the fake ocean. Bryan tried to stop it, but it was too late. The man lurched straight to the stage, slamming to the invisible podium, resulting in dizziness and of course, major bruises. Wiggling his head, Bryan quickly erased his made-up beach, and gave the gym his original structure back. While everyone was confused and puzzled, Bryan gave the teacher a guilty smile. He squatted over that man who was flat on the floor now, groaning in pain. "So..." Bryan bit his lips, then offering his hand. "That's my power. Mind-manipulation. Sorry for not telling you in advance, it's just... I didn't think that you would actually believe it." He let out a faint laugh. "So, am I good? Should I do it again?" I hope not. But Bryan let that one as just a thought.

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Phoenix watched on patiently, nervously, as the other students took their turn. Some of them were good… some displays of power were pretty amazing… others not so much. She watched on in amazement as a boy turned the gym into a sunset on a beach. What she would do to be able to spread her wings there and then and just fly on that beach. To be able to soar above the ocean, fly into the sunset, feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on her back and the salty wind in her hair… it would be a paradise the girl had never known.

Phoenix’s face was pale as she carried on watching, knowing her name would be soon. If only she could blend in with the crowd, to be invisible. To not be called upon. She didn’t really have a plan yet of what to do. She gave a long sigh, her breath shook even though she was trying for a bored appearance. Her arms were crossed loosely over her stomach, leaning back on the wall behind her one of her feet planted on it. She wondered if she did look as carefree as she was trying to look. She didn’t want the nerves to get the best of her. It was just a simple test…. She had done tests before. Lots of them. But none of them had been anything like this…

And then her name was called and her genetically modified heart that beat faster than an average humans began to beat even faster. Her name was called again and so she stepped forwards hesitatingly. “I’m here….” The teacher smirked slightly and told her that he didn’t want her there, that he wanted her front and centre. She glared at that slightly and slowly walked up to the stage, giving a small hop and landing on the stage. It was just the right height for her to not need her wings but demonstrate a slight show that she wasn’t normal. Her bones were lighter, she had air sacs. She could jump farther, run slightly faster. She turned to face everyone, her face very white by now, blue-green eyes like saucers.

“ummm…” She mumbled a second about nothing and then took a deep breath. She cupped her palms in front of her and concentrated her eyes shifting to a deep golden red and a flame began to appear in her hands. She frowned slightly and the flame grew bigger and bigger until it was a small column that reached up several meters. She let it back down to a small ball and threw it up into the air for a second before creating two more the same and began to juggle with them slightly, a small smirk on her face. She threw them at the car that was still on the stage from someone elses show of power and gave a small grin of satisfaction as a small explosion occurred. Of course the car didn’t have any petrol in it, so it wasn’t going to make a huge boom. She was warming up to this now.

Her demonstration of her fire skills went on for another minute as she created various flames and controlled them as they spun through the air. Created a patch of thick black smoke that you couldn’t see through, and then made the room feel considerably warmer for a second. At the end of it all she was shaking. She still didn’t have the best limits on her powers. She had never been allowed to practise too much else she tried to escape with them. The room she had lived in at the lab had always been a power dampening room. “Well…um… that’s about it… kinda. I have one more thing to show you…”

She shrugged her leather jacket off, so she stood in her blue “Hard Rock Café Orlando” t-shirt (a place she had never visited personally, but had been in her false life.) and a pair of black skinny jeans. She rolled her shoulders first, stretched a second, the slowly spread her wings, all fifteen feet of them. She kept glancing carefully at the people, and at the walls either side the gym. Her wings didn’t yet touch the walls, but in a year or two they probably could. She gave them a shake, aligning her feathers slightly. The wings were, she admitted, amazing to look at. A bright fiery red that had golden tips on the feathers and the ends of the wings. She gave them another ruffle just for intimidation purposes and then flapped them for a second. She kept on moving them and when she was sure she had enough power she gave a small hop into the air. She kept beating her wings and as she flew forwards she flew upwards too, until her wings touched the ceiling. If she could have she would have been circling the audience as it was she hovered over them and considered dive bombing them.

She stayed up for a minute, keeping her wings going before descending to the stage once more, landing with a quiet thud. “umm… So yeah. I have six limbs, like a dragon. The wings are independent of my arms. I have a lighter bone structure, larger organs in the case of my heart and lungs… I also have air sacs. Umm… I need to eat more than an average human. Three to four thousand calories a day in warm weather and about five thousand in snowy weather… umm… I could probably fly pretty long distances, and carry a load at the same time with practice and the need to. Umm… yeah.. that’s about it for me. Thanks, I guess?” With that she folded her wings back carefully, letting them press back into her back and appearing as though they were never there. She put her leather jacket back on to hide the slits in the back of her shirt which allowed the wings easy access out…

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Thomas: Hero
Bryan: Hero
Phoenix: Hero


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Ally always hated how people made a big deal out of the first day of school. When you really thought about it, it was was just like any other day during the year. To Ally, first impressions didn't mean anything to her. Heck, the less people she had talking to her the better.  That's why she chose the back of the bus to sit, legs crossed and arms folded, teal-blue backpack in the extra room next to her and on her face sat an icy scowl that she usually wore but worse peering into the isle as if saying, 'sit here and try me'. 

Ally was starting the school year at Sky High and even though she had never been she practically knew everything about the school since her dad would not shut up about it. Ally just didn't understand why her parents didn't let her attend a regular high school. It made her feel like a freak having to go to a school in the sky. It made her feel like a freak to have 'super powers' that made you cough and sneeze 24/7. There was no changing her dad's mind, it was like his dream to have his daughter go in secession of him. 

So here she was at school heading to the gym to be sorted into Hero or Sidekick.


"Ally Carter." The voice of the teacher boomed throughout the gym. Sighing, Ally trudged up the stage carrying her backpack. What she planned to do would probably take up a lot of her strength, but the question that stuck in her mind was, why did she even care about this presentation? Was it because she wanted to show her dad she wasn't just a sniveling  little girl? Because she wanted to make him proud? Whatever the reason Ally knew she had to try. At least let everyone know she was a force to be reckoned with.

Walking up onto the podium she unzipped her backpack, pulled out a spare water bottle, and let the bag drop to the floor. Maybe it was her imagination but Ally could've sworn she heard snickers popping up in the crowd. She'd show them...

Concentrating the room dropped a couple degrees, then a bit more till most of the kids had started hugging themselves to collect warmth. As if by magic ice started growing on the celling right about where Ally was standing. She knew she was quickly getting tired but she wasn't done. Small crumbs of ice started to float down. Taking the water bottle Ally smashed it against the floor near the teacher's leg getting most to his knee and down wet. Using any energy she had left she started concentrating on the pile of water and soon  His foot has started to be encased by ice. Giving a mischievous smile Ally felt dizzy as she stopped trying to multitask her power at once. With a pitiful high pitched sneeze at the end Ally picked up her backpack and walked off the stage as if nothing happened. 

Feeling the toll of her powers kick in she started to feel wobbly-kneed when she was walking back to her spot at the back of the gym. A couple kids saw and rush to help her but in turn their hands touching her were welcomed with a sudden shock of cold. "I'm fine." She hissed at them.

If everyone at this school was going to be like this Ally wasn't sure how long she'd last...

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Ally: Hero!

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Isabelle nervously stood waiting and waiting some more untill her name was called out. She wasn't looking forward to this power placement thing. With a hero turned villian frost mother, most people probably expected something like that from the young girl. Isabelle herself had no frost powers at all. She took after her father, who'd been a sidekick. Yet her powers were different, stronger somehow. Maybe that was all good her mother did for her in the end. Isabelle stepped on stage and stared at the coach with an expression of calmth while inside she was racing. She concentrated and activated her powers. "Can I have a car?" She kindly requested from the coach. He nodded and pressed a button. Isabelle did not move as the car fell down and she was pretty sure she heard some screams. She felt the car falling through her, which was a funny feeling. She simply walked toward the wheel and honked once before walking through it, and straight through the coach, who shivered.

She had once asked her dad what it felt like to have somebody walked through you but he'd simply said it felt like a bucket of ice had been walking through him. It had given him the shivers and Isabelle knew that it wasn't such a kind thing to do but that didn't stop her from using the trick. People who tried punching her always punched through her, but somehow they didn't feel like trying it more than once. Ah well, that's life. "So what am I? Hero or sidekick?" She asked the coach nervously, fidgetting with her sleeve.

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((Personally, I would say sidekick because I don't see much potential from practical intangibility. but that's just me.... Then again, seeing as she can make rock hard fists with bullets flying literally completely through her, I'll say hero. never underestimate selective intangibility))


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He stood there standing just alittle ways off from the group of students, waiting to be called. He didn't really care where he was placed, he just wanted to practice with his abilities. He wanted to see how much stronger he could get. He was daydreaming about his abilities when he heard his name called. He walked up to the stage and stood in the center. He cracked his neck along with his fingers and pulled the water out of his waterbottle and started to form it into a variety of shapes before stopping on a long thin blade looking shape.
"Clay pigeons." that's all he said and three went flying. He didn't even blink and he sent the blade of water flying through each one of them in turn. He morphed the blade into a ball about the size of a softball, this time. He noticed a water fountain across the room and decided he might show more of his abilities. He focused on the water fountain and started to pull the water form the pipes.
Everyone in the room watched as the water floated across the room and joined with the original ball and made it grow to the size of a basketball. He formed the ball of water into the shape of a srord and gripped the handle and just cut a small gouge in the stage before returning the water back to his waterbottle and the rest of it to the fountain to drain. He calmly walked off the stage and returned to his spot not waiting for an answer. They were going to tell him anyway.

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Jason: Hero

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This was Alia’s first day at Sky High. Was she nervous? You bet. Her mom, who was the hero of her family, had told her all about it, what to expect, and who to look out for. Alia was prepared, but that didn’t stop her from being nervous, and dreading what was coming up. Power placement. Where you had to show your power off, and be sorted into class as a hero or sidekick. There was a bit of pressure for Alia here, since her mom had been sorted as a hero, as had her grandfather. If she got hero, no biggie, her family has already done that. If she got sorted as a sidekick, well, she’d be the big letdown of the family. Alia herself didn’t care, but her mom certainly did. Finally, everyone got sorted into the gym, and all the students quieted. Alia hoped she’d be last, so she could put off all the stress, but of course, she got called first. Alia gulped, and slowly made her way to the front, where she was told to demonstrate her power. Right, focus. Alia did so, and a small breeze that had been blowing through the gym grew into a large gust of wind, blowing some people’s hats off, and sending other people’s hair flying. Alia focused, and it grew a little more before diminishing. She did all this without speaking, and waited silently to be sorted.

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Alia: Hero!

(Beware, the coach might be after you now Razz)

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Miranda sighed before standing up from the crowd and walking up to the pedestal slowly with a sly smirk on her face. Miranda knew this coach wasn’t a very…Nice? One but she could give it her best shot. Miranda stood on the pedestal looking at the crowd and took a deep breath before looking around at the crowd pointing towards one girl that she hadn’t yet known. Miranda held her fingers to her temples and then she began to rub them slowly imagining her being inside the mind of the girl but quickly changed her mind focusing onto the coach, She began to imagine dark thoughts that would soon spread to the coach. Her plan was to give him a little scare by making him hallucinate but this was a tough guy so it may have been harder than she thought. Miranda continued rubbing her temples as she focused out to the crowd watching the coach close his eyes, Miranda continued then BAM! The final strike, she imagined one of the students being slaughtered to death. Miranda opened her eyes and looked towards the coach as her smile faded “Was that enough?” She asked with a kick in her voice before walking back into the crowd of students.


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Miranda Noron: Sidekick


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Ash always had fun playing with his time manipulation--particularly in front of other people, though he decided that it wouldn't have been the best idea to manipulate time with "normal" people in the premises. It's not that they wouldn't notice, it's just he was better than that--or at least he thought he was. Stark joined the group of students that were waiting to be sorted into hero or sidekick. He watched some people as they showed off their power--or lack thereof... When he saw a girl walk through a car, he was amazed. He'd seen something like it on X-Men, but never for real--his inner nerd started to take over, before he got it in his control again. Ash continued watching the others until his name was called, "Ashton Stark." A smile grew on the boy's face, as he approached the pedestal--super quickly, though it wasn't super speed that got him there.

Ash heard a few quiet outbursts of awe, as he stood on the pedestal. "I'll take whatever you throw at me," he said, calmly, after slowing down time to draw a mustache on some guy's face, then going back to the pedestal, as a two-door coupe was falling from the ceiling. Just before the car would have hit his head, Ash manipulated the time around him, and walked to the back of the crowd, after going to the cafeteria for a little snack, before letting time be it's usual wibbley-wobbley-timey-wimey stuff--not just a line, as most people think of it. "Time manipulation, sir," Stark called out from the back of the crowd to the gym teacher in the front of the room, before taking a bite of a sandwich that he snagged from the cafeteria while demonstrating his power. "So, whaddaya say, Coach?" he asked, with a grin.

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Ashton: Hero!

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Talia's adrenaline was pumping like crazy,her face felt hot,and her palms were sweating.She really didn't want to show off her powers,but she knew it was necessary.The front of the gym seemed to be an eternity away.She shakily walked to the front of the gym,her hands crossed insecurely across her chest,over her baggy gym shirt.

She uncrossed her arms and looked at the gym coach."Umm,I'm Talia and I have the power to summon things." she said.Her stomach was flipping.She looked around the room for things to focus on.Her eyes landed on a rack of dodge balls.She made them quickly rise,one after another.They swirled around the heads of her classmates,creating a nice pretty little pattern before returning back to the rack.

She then went for a more heavy object,a rack of weights lifted one by one,swirled around the room so fast they blurred a bit,and landed back on the rack again.She looked at the coach,and walked back into the back of the room,feeling quite awkward.


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Lizzie waited calmly while the other kids went. She payed close attention to the powers of the other kids. Lizzie noted that some powers were better than others and made sure to remember the powers of importance. She remembered what her mom had told her earlier that day. "Pay close attention to the kids that make hero... those are the ones you'll be fighting." She didn't even bother with the ones who turned out to be sidekicks. Lizzie didn't care at all, but she wanted to do something special after she graduated, and to do that, she must know all the heroes and sidekicks.

Then, she heard her name be called and walked slowly up to the gym coach. Lizzie crossed her arms and looked at the coach. "I'm Lizzie and I can turn invisible," Lizzie said. And without further ado, Lizzie concentrated for a moment and looked down. Sure enough, her body wasn't there anymore. She started to walk around and said, "Do the car thing, do whatever. You will never catch me." Sure enough, the car dropped down a moment later, but Lizzie wasn't there to receive the blow. The spring pedestal or whatever it is called for the fliers sprung up, but Lizzie wasn't anywhere near it.

When Lizzie thought it was enough of a demonstration, she concentrated again and willed herself to become visible. Then, Lizzie crossed back to the coach and put her hands on her hips. "What's it going to be, hero or sidekick?" she demanded.

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Talia - Hero (:
(p.s. I wouldn't really call it summoning things I would have used telekinesis like being able to move things without touching them Razz but I understand where you're coming from. But that's only based from what you've shown.)

Lizzie - after looking at the pros and cons... Hero!

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((Short but we all know what she is already))
Juliet was hiding in a corner. She really hated public things and public displays of her power. She bit her lip and played with her black sparkly cut off gloves. It was just something to ease the stress of speaking in public. She looked at her outfit and felt exposed. She rarely wore shorts but it had been so hot out she gave in. Lost in thought she did not hear the couch call her name. "Juliet Belle get you butt up her" she made a squeaking sound and ran up the stage area.

As she walked her two braids swayed ever so slightly. She enjoyed wearing two French braids it made her feel like a child again. "Ummm..." She began her eyes darting around "Juliet Be...Belle....I can....imitate anyone I see" The last part was almost inaudible but she just put her head down. "Well go!" The couch yelled. Startled she looked up and became the first boy she saw. She waited a few minutes and then became herself again. She waited for someone to talk and her blush became redder.

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Juliet: Sidekick

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Nephele looked around at the big gym, sick to her stomach with worry. So far, no one had put two and two together and realized that the infamous Phantom was her father. However, she knew that her relief would be short-lived as soon as the coach got to her name.

She watched as the student who was currently on stage blushed and stuttered, then quietly awaited as the coach called out "Sidekick!" Nephele anxiously watched as he wrote something down on his clipboard and flipped the page to get to the next name. His eye's widened a bit, and he scanned the crowd.

"...Nephele Vaughn," he called out. Luckily, most of the people in the class didn't know Phantom's secret identity. Nephele slowly walked up to the platform and stepped up the stairs. She stood in front of everyone, and looked at the coach. "Now what are you going to do?" the coach asked, sounding almost suspicious. There was no doubt; he had heard of her father. Nephele took a deep breath, and scanned the room, looking for any kind of smoke or mist. That's when she noticed that the weather had turned foggy. A bit of mist drifted into the far side of the room through a slightly open window. Nephele gave a ghost of a smile.

Drawing on her powers, she envisioned the mist beginning to expand and fill the room, obscuring the stage from the view of the students, and the view of anything from the coach. Instantly the mist seemed to pour into the room, and a few students let out shrieks. Nephele didn't let that break her concentration, and when she was sure that the mist was thick enough to obscure her almost completely from the coach, she began to swing her arms towards him, as if holding a heavy and long sword. As she swung, mist began to collect and harden into an actual sword. The closer the sword got to the coach, the thinner the mist became until all the students could see the sword hurdling at the coach's head.

Just before the sword would have decapitated the coach, it turned back into mist, dissipating into the air. Nephele spun out the swing and stood to face the coach, saying nothing and awaiting his decision.

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Nephele Vaughn - hero

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The sweaty palms, the stuttered breathing, the awkward fidgeting; Reagan knew how nervous people reacted, what they did, and how to act like one. And even with all the knowledge he had gathered from watching, waiting, not once had he felt the emotion himself. He supposed he could imagine what it felt like, or maybe assume how those alleged 'butterflies' in peoples stomach's felt, but why bother... He wasn't afraid, and therefor his nerves wouldn't interfere with this performance. This one performance which would basically decide what his future would be, Sidekick or Hero. I'm only here to learn, not to become something I'm not. He told himself, watching with vacant blue eyes as the girl ahead of him demonstrated her powers. When she finished, he smiled sympathetically, and began to clap into the awkward silence. Apparently that was wrong.

The coach, with his baseball cap pulled suspiciously low, regarded him as an alligator might it's prey, then beckoned him forward."Are you amusing yourself?" He demanded, crossing his arms over his chest. Reagan stared at him with wide eyes, staying perfectly still where he was, hands frozen in front of him. "Oh, not a talker? That's fine. Just get up here and show me if you serve a significant purpose!" He said, and the boy got slowly to his feet, shivering ever so slightly. If there was one thing he really hated, it was adults who used their authority as an excuse to treat others like freak abominations of nature. Not that they weren't... But still. Taking stiff steps forward, he moved himself towards the center of the gym, then met the teacher's sly expression with one of indifference. "Yes, sir."

"Car." And with one word, the fun began. Reagan didn't look up, instead closed his eyes for the fraction of a second, and summoned the all too familiar energy to his body. Imagining darkness coiling itself around his arms, brushing gently against his skin like a tame animal, he opened his eyes again to see the black substance that was aphotic light. Thrusting his hands into the air, he heard rather than felt as energy connected with the automobile, and scrap parts blew into multiple directions, hitting the ground with heavy 'clunk's. Lowering his arms to his side, he stood casually where he was, letting the darkness seep from his hands up his arms until his body was covered in ever shifting black, all except for now pupil less blue eyes. The bumper of the car arched through the air, plummeting back and bearing down on his head. The second the metal came into contact with his skull, it bounced off with a hissing sound, like burning flesh, and landed harmlessly on the ground beside him.

The coach opened his mouth to say something, but Reagan cut him off, placing a finger over his lips in the universal 'hush' sign. Letting the shadows dissipate from his body, the boy let a wicked smile quirk upon the edges of his lips, and took a small step forward. "Let's just talk for a bit, coach." He said quietly, staring him down with iridescent blue eyes that lacked all sanity, before turning toward the other kids and letting the smile split into a grin. "In fact, how about we all talk? So," He said, "how does everybody feel? Nervous, like if you make a single mistake, your life will forever be ruined, I suppose. But you know what, just because this guy right here acts like he is the key to your success, he isn't. And you all know that, so why is it that you're still afraid?"

The shadows in his mind were whispering the words, feeding off the fear that was present in this single room, so strong it was like a being. "Fear- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyzes the mind and wreaks havoc upon your soul." He said in a smooth, icy tone, though it was no longer his voice that spoke. It was his mind, his other voice, manipulating the thoughts of those around him. "I am fear. I am your fear. I am your darkest fear, and you will listen to me." He- it whispered, and quickly the room around him subjected and crumbled to the shadows.

Unfortunately, it included he himself. Reagan now stood, consumed by his own darkness, in front of a group of people who were either cowering in their places or screaming at invisible objects. Some would feel a surge of terrible dread, while others would perhaps see gruesome details of past traumas, but all of them would bend and break to the will of fear. Even him, though he fought to control what should have been his powers, was seeing flashes of his old life. The coach let out a low, guttural whimper. A girl screamed from somewhere behind him. And then somebody yelled out, "STOP!"

It had been his own voice, and in a matter of seconds, Reagan had regained control over his abilities. "It's okay, you're all okay, all safe! They're just illusions." He called out, but his voice was weak and limbs exhausted as he tried to move from his spot. Staggering forward, the boy channelled whatever power he had left into his voice, squeezing shut his eyes and trying to focus his groggy mind. "Fear is only in our minds. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself." He whispered between clenched teeth, and all at once a heavy weight evaporated from his mind, leaving him only with a ringing in his ears.

Panting heavily, Reagan glanced about him to see that the room was awakening from their episodes, blinking as if they had just been awakened from a day-dream. The coach regarded him with a cold expression, to which he dropped his gaze. "Umbrakinesis. The power to control darkness and create illusions based off fears." He muttered, waiting silently to be judged. His abilities could be powerful, he supposed, in the right hands, but he was just a kid who usually couldn't scare a toddler. But that's what he was here for, apparently, to train and become whatever destiny intended for him. Fun.


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