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Guidelines concerning powers.

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1 Guidelines concerning powers. on Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:39 am

Hero's are allowed but one power, although in extremely rare situations, a second power can be granted.

Here are some basic powers I wanted to give as examples but please, be original and try finding some new powers.

Shapeshifter. They can shift into one single animal or perhaps change their appearance to different humans.

Elemental control. Those can control fire, ice, water, wind, powers like that. They can only control one and don't get flying for wind or glowing for fire and things like that.

Supersomething. Superspeed, superstrength, superbendable (like rubber guy). That sort of thing, the extreme of a normal thing.

Utilities. Things usually not possible but you can suddenly do it. Like flying, eating metal, glowing, turning into puddles, make up something that usually isn't possible.

Now these are just a few examples, feel free to go completely creative on us but keep in mind that some things just won't be possible.

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